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AIBU to ask for ideas...?

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Cakemakeslifebetter Sat 04-Nov-17 20:08:38

DH and I always set a £50 limit on gifts for each other on Christmas. We’re pretty skint as it is and need the money to get family members gifts.

Every year, DH comes up with some really thoughtful and totally perfect gift for me, he’s just the type of guy that knows what kind of gift to get people.
I on the other had am terrible at selecting gifts and always end up gifting something rubbish and pretty inadequate. DH of course tells me he loves the gifts but I never get that “omg” reaction he always gets from me.

Please please please please help me with ideas for this year. He’s early 30s, loves all sports, mainly football. He’s into craft beers and food but not so much as a passion. smile

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