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To think the National Trust are taking the piss lately?

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questionsandquestions Sat 04-Nov-17 18:59:27

I joined up in some car park to get the free parking, realized when I got home it wouldn't be worth it for me, phoned them to cancel and pay for the car park, and they said fine but I had to pay for the first three months or something, can't remember exactly but do recall being ok with the outcome. Never received any cards. Never received any magazine. Never used membership since didn't realized it wasn't cancelled. Realized almost 11 months later that the monthly charge on my bank was from them (ok, I am a loser for not checking sooner) and it had never cancelled, phoned again. Ok, they said, they would cancel. Fast forward three months, no cancellation, AND auto renewed for another year!!! (And again, no cards etc). Then, sent them a letter, complaining about the whole thing, told them to check records they would see never used, and saying they owed me a MINIMUM of 3 month refund. Several auto-emails saying they were overloaded with mail and would respond shortly and nothing, so went to bank and cancelled via bank. SAME DAY I cancelled via the bank I get a snotty, arsy letter from their HQ saying no refund since they can't find a record of my phone calls, and no refund for the 6 week period it took them to respond to my letter. WTF?

And now I read (googled National Trust Complaints) hundreds of members complaining they got no ballot for their shitty "let's still let everyone fox hunt on our land but fake like it's different" policy, so the vote was very close but the fox hunters win, as well as hundreds of other complaints about what shitty, dishonest landlords they are (duping tenants into taking back their deposits so they can evict them), and a million other things.

I've now paid 1.5 year of dues at 10 quid a month for one car park but what I really resent is the way I've made two phone calls and sent a letter all for nothing. What kind of charity is this incompetent, unresponsive, rude?

Ok, go on, AIBU?

questionsandquestions Sun 05-Nov-17 00:27:10


MovingOnUpMovingOnOut Sun 05-Nov-17 00:31:10

If it was a direct debit just claim it back from the bank under the guarantee.

You may get crap from NT but the amount is in dispute. Worst they can do is pursue you via small claims but they probably won't bother.

Do you have phone records showing you rang them?

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