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To ask for your whitish paint recommendations

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Flowerbot Sat 04-Nov-17 17:57:14

I want to repaint the short corridor in my flat. I’m thinking white, and would be interested to hear if you have any white or very light favourite paints - thanks!

HardAsSnails Sat 04-Nov-17 18:02:42

Dulux Timeless

PookieSnackenberger Sat 04-Nov-17 18:07:45

For pure white paint you can't beat Dulux Super Matte Trade paint. It disguises every blemish and can be easily retouched.

Favourite pale colour is Cornforth White by F&B. You can get this matched by a Leyland Trade paint stockist. It's not quite as nice but a good compromise if money is tight or the area is large.

loobylou10 Sat 04-Nov-17 18:08:52

Dulux (I think) cotton white. Really soft and lovely

NorthCoast Sat 04-Nov-17 18:09:18

Farrow & Ball White Tie or Crown Milk White for a cheaper option (currently doing masses of woodwork in it and it looks really good).

Bunbunbunny Sat 04-Nov-17 18:11:11

2nd timeless by dulux, cornflour white or Wimborne white by f&b is nice. How much traffic do you have in the hallway? If it's heavy don't use f&b it's a pain to touch up

Flowerbot Sat 04-Nov-17 18:13:57

I’ve got a toddler so up to about two and a half feet up is going to get grubby

McTufty Sat 04-Nov-17 18:13:57

Depends what you mean by white because Cornforth White is gorgeous but very obviously a grey not a white. I agree White Tie, or Pointing for F&B whites.

PookieSnackenberger Sat 04-Nov-17 18:27:47

I think the OP asked for white or very pale colours.

RunningBetty Sat 04-Nov-17 18:29:21

Dulux Timeless here - a chalky white.

McTufty Sat 04-Nov-17 18:30:17

Very true @pookie! I suppose what I should have said is I don’t think Cornforth White is pale, at least it doesn’t look it on our East facing living room.

Flowerbot Sat 04-Nov-17 18:34:31

McTufty thanks yes I agree, it’s a lovely colour but too dark for the area I want to paint

FuzzyCustard Sat 04-Nov-17 18:36:52

Little Greene "Linen Wash". It's the colour of milk, so white but not if you put it against Brilliant White, for example.

Becles Sat 04-Nov-17 18:41:08

Dulux parchment - a non magnolia pale yellowish ish with some depth

sparechange Sat 04-Nov-17 18:59:10

Dulux Rock Salt in diamond + matt finish

A lovely soft colour and the finish will take any sort of bashing and fingerprints and knocks

You have to go to a trade/professional place to get it, rather than B&Q but it is totally worth it for areas like hallways which get easily scuffed

Thiswillbemyusername Sat 04-Nov-17 19:10:59

I've used dulux light and space frosted dawn on my hallway. I love it smile

Flowerbot Sun 05-Nov-17 13:15:25

Thanks, will have look at all those!

Ellendegeneres Sun 05-Nov-17 13:23:45

Bridal veil from the paint counter at b&q. Love it

blackteasplease Sun 05-Nov-17 13:42:52

I've nothing useful to say, but I remember the horror of choosing whitish paint for the bathroom! Just got snow blindness looking at them all!

Someoneasdumbasthis Sun 05-Nov-17 14:41:54

Dulux timeless comes in kitchen and bathroom variety so super durable and washable. It’s a lovely soft white.

Ollivander84 Sun 05-Nov-17 14:42:49

Dulux white cotton

SolemnlySwear2010 Sun 05-Nov-17 14:47:21

Another for Dulux Timeless. I went for it in the endurance range for my little girls room.

Its a really soft white and cleans up brilliantly

KnockMeDown Sun 05-Nov-17 14:49:36

I'm looking at paint for our living room, which is north facing and quiet dark. Am intrigued by all the recommendations for Dulux Timeless, it looks very similar to Magnolia?

DontCallMeCharlotte Sun 05-Nov-17 14:53:08

We have Dulux Timeless too. It's much softer than brilliant white and nothing like magnolia. Chose it having seen it in a friend's house Definitely recommend.

Pumpkintopf Sun 05-Nov-17 15:00:45

Another vote for Dulux timeless, and farrow and ball white tie

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