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To think I'd be a Worcester sauce French fry

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Mrsknackered Sat 04-Nov-17 14:32:11

DP phoned me excitedly to tell me he had sourced me a packet of salt and vinegar French fries from the vending machine (I can't find them anywhere these days) in the hospital.
Anyway, convo moves on (we're both running on next to no sleep) to what crisps we'd be if we were a crisp.

He said he's a ready salted hula hoop because he doesn't stand out, but works well in all situations and kids love him.

I'm a Worcester sauce French fry because they're tangy, not everyone likes them and not your usual choice.

So go on, what crisp are you grin

Claireabella1 Sat 04-Nov-17 14:56:21

I'd be walkers ready salted because I'm quite boring but easy going. My daughter would be prawn cocktail because she's interesting and sweet and my son would be a frazzle because they're the 'coolest' crisp and he's cool and funny.

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