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Not being U, but don't know where to post

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SchadenfreudePersonified Sat 04-Nov-17 09:35:26

A year ago last August, we took out Sainsbury's Pet Insurance. Part if the inducement to choose them, rather than another was umpteen points up front (yay!) and the promise of double points on all of our Sainsbury's shopping for two years (as long as I renewed my insurance, which I did) to be credited to my Nectar account annually. You can imagine how excitedly I awaited my double points at the end of August. (Since then I have had a letter saying that I will get double points as long as I kept the insurance with them, but I can't find the damn thing!)

I didn't get them, so I rang up - "Oh, Nectar points can take up to 28 days to be credited" Fine, fine - end of September - Nul Points.

All in all, I have telephoned 7 times - I have rung the Sainsbury's team, I have rung (at their advice), Nectar (3 times), and I am no further forward. Rang today - the young woman I spoke to three weeks ago, who said she'd pass me to the Resolutions Team and I would be contacted, hadn't even bothered to make a not on my file, never mind inform the team of the problem.

Nectar told me to ring my bank and they would sort it out (What!?). Today I have been told that the store I regularly shop at, where I saw the (nationwide) offer will contact me about it.


Sorry about that - raising one's voice does no good, I know.

I was wondering if anyone else has had similar problems, and if so how did they get them sorted? I am really having to fight to keep my temper now when I ring up - particularly now that I have been told that it looks as though they've done bugger all about anything. The problem is, the people I'm speaking to are just answering phones and have no idea what is happening, what offers are on, what to do etc. BUT THEY SHOULD PASS THE COMPLAINTS ONTO SOMEONE WHO CAN SORT IT - AND THEY AREN'T!

Sorry - shouting again.
Should I tweet? How could I condense this so it still makes sense?

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