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To expect payment for ticket .............

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Guardsman18 Fri 03-Nov-17 13:08:56

Help needed please!
Was very close to friend for years. She's rubbish with money but was good at spending mine! We don't see each other so much, but still chat and I went to her birthday bash a few weeks ago.

It took me a while, but the penny finally dropped and I no longer 'lend' her money. (Think 'loan' for £1000 seven years ago and have only had £200 ish back).

There is a band that we have always wanted to see - I know I sound about 10!), so we agreed that I would get the tickets on my card and she would reimburse me after Glastonbury - very expensive!

Here's the thing - tomorrow is the day we go and I think (know?) that she won't have the money.

WIBU to just not go with her? Am meant to be picking her up at 12 pm.

Rosa Fri 03-Nov-17 13:13:23

I would say , car will need filling with petrol so you can pay for it , and think of all teh possible expenses you might have , food, etc and say she can pay until she has paid the value of the ticket.

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