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brittabot Wed 01-Nov-17 23:53:35

AIBU to want decent office wear as a size 16?

I was last in the work place prekids 8 years ago in a smart casual environment and had lots of choice, (possibly because I was a size 12 then).

Where I work now is more formal but I’m also finding it difficult to get decent looking formal clothing in size 16. I know styles have changed but when I look for similar to my colleagues the clothes look awful and are impractable.

Is it because I’m older?

I am not losing weight any time soon and am delighted for other people if their choice of clothes suits them.

So without advising me to lose weight does anyone have a suggestion?

RavingRoo Thu 02-Nov-17 05:43:31

Hobbs is my go to choice. They go up to an 18.

RNBrie Thu 02-Nov-17 05:58:16

I buy work trousers at the Finery London and tops at Marks and Spencer then a cardi. Also jersey dresses from Phase Eight are flattering and easy to wear. I definitely have to shop around more now than I did 10 yrs ago to find decent work wear. I fluctuate between a 14 and 16.

Clearoutre Thu 02-Nov-17 06:20:57

May be get a personal shopping appointment at John Lewis (no obligation to buy) to understand what suits you - don't be hung up on size, it's about balancing out your unique proportions - you could be a size 8 with a problem belly but skinny legs or size 12 with large upper arms but flat tummy or 14 with bigger thighs but tiny waist - everyone has their own features they want to hide/emphasise and a professional can help.

Believeitornot Thu 02-Nov-17 06:23:48

There’s plenty of places which go up to a 16? Is it the style?

BarbaraofSevillle Thu 02-Nov-17 06:35:04

I'm 44 and a size 14. I get trouser suits from M&S, which do the job and are machine washable and not particularly expensive, especially if I can pick something up from the outlet centre, where a trouser suit with a jacket and two pairs of trousers, are usually about £60. I wear a top not a blouse underneath, but that's your choice. They go well past a size 16, so I'm not sure what the issue is?

For a bit smarter, they have a good selection of dresses that can be worn with a jacket - they sometimes seem to cost a bit more - a dress/jacket combo can be £80-100. Again all machine washable and smart enough for office wear.

Could you be being too hard on yourself? Depending on how you carry your weight, you aren't going to look as 'tidy' in clothes as when you were slimmer, but 16 isn't huge. Debenhams also have a personal shopper service, if you can't get to John Lewis.

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