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Narcissistic ex???

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Pixielemons Wed 01-Nov-17 12:43:34

I have remained civil with a pretty horrendous ex. During the relationship (which was quite short) he did a number of awful things, including sleeping in the same bed as his female friend after a night out, walking out 5 minutes before we were going on a double date because he didn't want to watch the film we were watching, told me that it was hard not to compare me to this ex, constantly belittled me for wanting to spend time with him, smashed stuff up in fits of rage when I was in the same room, called me "nuts", "mental" and "sensitive", decided that I couldn't live with other males (although when I asked him to consider my feelings when he flirted with other women he said it was who he was and he wasn't willing to change this hmm ), told me my endearing ditzy nature had suddenly become annoying, when drunk he has squared up to me in the street, told me crying will get me nowhere and I'm a bitch just like every other women, threw me out of the flat with a packed bag at 3am, and so on, and physically hurt me during sex.

I feel his behaviour after the breakup (initiated by him) is pretty alarming. Firstly, he keeps telling me he loves me (obviously not tho), and cares for me and wants to be there for me. He said the fact that he has hurt me so badly has made me realise that he needs therapy, and has booked sessions to deal with his anger and aggression. He keeps mentioning in conversation the he knows I'm heartbroken hmm and that I came out of this worse because I invested more into the relationship than he did. And then he said he can't be sad because he got what he wanted - contact with "one of the most amazing people he's ever met without the pressure of a relationship". He's texting me constantly normal conversation and everything in me feels sick when I see his name flash up.

AIBU to think this arse is a complete narcissist? I hate that other people see him as charming and childlike and as a good person (how I saw him at the beginning) - WIBU to printscreen all the abusive texts, and post them on social media alongside the bruises I sustained?? I feel that's so childish but I hate that he just walks away having everything he wants sad

Marriedwithchildren5 Wed 01-Nov-17 12:54:00

He sounds pretty dangerous to start playing with fire on social media. You'll have to be ready for all the backlash that will come from it. Can you not just block him? If he's messaging you all the time it's because he didn't dominate and control you. It may not seem it but you've come off best!

DJBaggySmalls Wed 01-Nov-17 12:57:09

He sounds like a charming psychopath. If you did post all the info about him, there would be repercussions. He does actually sound dangerous.
I would break off contact with him as much as you can, because the public relationship you have with him feeds the image that everything is well.

Allthebestnamesareused Wed 01-Nov-17 13:00:37

Why have you remained civil? Ignore, block, go no contact. Move on and live your life!

Greyponcho Wed 01-Nov-17 13:05:45

Keep screenshots of the messages as evidence in case he carries on harassing you, then block him.
You’ve put up with enough of his shit, you don’t owe him anything and needn’t be his crutch

StripeyDeckchair Wed 01-Nov-17 13:15:55

I reckon he sees you as a potent f**k buddy and enjoys messing with your mind.

Disengage and block.

StripeyDeckchair Wed 01-Nov-17 13:16:23

Potential not potent


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