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To think people should turn the music down?

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Anon8604 Tue 31-Oct-17 12:56:11

I’m genuinely not sure if IABU so I’m happy to be told I am.

I was in the supermarket and another shopper had stopped to look at her phone and had almost completely blocked the aisle with her trolley (it’s a narrow bit near the checkout so only a trolley width across). I was pushing my buggy and couldn’t get past so I said excuse me. She was wearing headphones and the music must have been very loud as I could hear it and she couldn’t hear me taking to her. I repeated excuse me several times, getting louder and louder each time, but still no reply. Her trolley was between us so I couldn’t even touch her on the arm to get her attention so instead I ended up standing there waving at her and trying to get her attention until a shop assistant walking past on the other side of her tapped her on the arm and asked her to move the trolley. I guess in retrospect I could have just pushed the trolley out of the way myself but I <s>am a wimp</s> was trying to be polite.

I’ve seen this happen other times too, for example a pavement being blocked by someone standing at a bus stop who was wearing headphones and couldn’t hear me asking her to let me get by, and someone blocking the entrance to a lift who couldn’t hear people asking him to move as his music was so loud.

Now to be fair if I’m pushing a buggy I can normally get close enough to someone to tap their arm and get their attention if they can’t hear over their music. But, what about if a person using a wheelchair or a walking frame was in the same position - it might be a lot harder for them to physically lean over to get someone’s attention if the person doesn’t hear them asking if they can move over.

So, AIBU to think it’s quite antisocial to listen to music so loudly in a public place that you are completely oblivious to people around you and can’t even hear someone quite loudly asking you to make way for them to get past you?

MissConductUS Tue 31-Oct-17 13:16:10

No, YANBU. We went through this at home, strangely enough, with DD who would listen to music on earbuds so loudly that she couldn't hear us call her for dinner. We had to text her to come to the table. smile

MissionItsPossible Tue 31-Oct-17 13:54:03

It is rude manners but when people do it I just push past if I can't get their attention or they can't hear me so I can't talk really!

Swizzlesticks23 Tue 31-Oct-17 13:55:44

I couldn't imagine the need to listen to music whilst in a shop.


Next time just push the trolley yourself out of the way.

Defo with you on this one

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