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To not understand how doing food shopping daily is more expensive than weekly/monthly

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xhannahx Tue 31-Oct-17 10:48:42

I have always shopped daily, I prefer it as I like to chose what we are eating on the day. I find we have left waste and it's generally more enjoyable.

We have 1 DD and another on the way, so in terms of convenience this may change in the future, however many people common on how expensive doing it like that is and I just don't get it!

I buy exactly what we need, and whatever isn't used on the day will be used on a following day. Of there are deals I will still stock up occasionally.

Is this really true?

sweetbitter Tue 31-Oct-17 12:22:13

I guess the obvious thing that springs to mind is that you buy stuff in smaller quantities so lose the economies of scale.

Eg buying a small bag of rice, you pay more per 100g than a big one. Same for meat (where you could freeze some of it), and most things really.

Also I think it's probably easier to keep track of your budget by doing a weekly rather than daily shop.

However I take your point re: less waste and reducing over-shopping and ending up with more than you need.

So maybe overall it balances out in terms of cost.

bigbluebus Tue 31-Oct-17 12:24:54

For me it would be more expensive because I rarely only buy what I went in for! I try and only shop once a week because a)I hate food shopping and b) I live 5 miles from the nearest supermarket so going daily would cost a lot in fuel.

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