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so called bff?? what would you do ?

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oldstudentmum Mon 30-Oct-17 19:36:05

BF of almost 20 years (she has had probs over years so have I, we have always helped each other through the rough patches and good) we were close until October. we have out children in the same school Bf was really pleased our dcs were in same class. well I overheard (she was very loud) speaking to class teacher - could teacher keep my dc away from hers!!!! why? so her dc can make other friends. Well I felt this was a little uncalled for didn't say anything as my dc has friends within class who my dc talks about and plays with all the time (never mentions my friends dc BTW). go forward a couple of weeks BF is really being off and distance, and I have noticed other parents in playground are being a bit off (previously courteous hello or a smile) sometimes even feels like they are really giving me dirty looks. my bf is rather friendly with a lot of the other parents (facebook etc) BTW my child has been at this school since nursery bf dc since recently. what would you make of this situation?
if I were giving someone advise I would tell that person that the friendship run its course just ignore the stares from the school ground cliche and the( now former )BF. Hope her new friends were as supportive as you were.
What does anyone else think or am I missing something?

Bizzysocks Mon 30-Oct-17 20:31:21

I would ask her to meet up as you would have done before you over heard her talking to the teacher and see how it goes. If she declines ask her if you have done something to upset her.

If you ignore her as you think she is ignoring you. And she ignores you as she thinks you are ignoring her. You could both lose a good friend due to a misunderstanding.

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