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To think this is cruel? <massively lighthearted>

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NoCryLilSoftSoft Mon 30-Oct-17 18:46:30

The best chippy in town has online ordering. Which is, of course, fantastic. Big fan! grin what I’m not so much a fan of is the “order history” being stored on your account so it slaps you round the belly every time you log in blush that’s just cruelty in my book. I don’t need to see the proof of my greed when I’m about to indulge yet again. I am however very glad they have so many different delivery drivers grin

EggysMom Mon 30-Oct-17 18:49:49

My pizza ordering history tells me that I have no imagination and don't like variety in food.

EvilCleverDog Mon 30-Oct-17 18:50:23


I usually order from my local pizza place - called up last week and he said ‘oh, my favourite customer, I’ve missed you, where have you been?’

I’d only been away for 10 days blush

NoCryLilSoftSoft Mon 30-Oct-17 18:50:56


Yep. Mine is like Groundhog Day. I imagine the staff groan when my boring order comes in again!

NoCryLilSoftSoft Mon 30-Oct-17 18:51:36

grin evil we should be asking for loyalty cards!

EvilCleverDog Mon 30-Oct-17 18:54:16

Haha I do get a free bottle of fizz every few weeks 😃

NoCryLilSoftSoft Mon 30-Oct-17 18:55:52

shock no way!! <jealous> sad

SilverySurfer Mon 30-Oct-17 18:56:24

Huh, you call that cruel? My local chish and fip shop doesn't do deliveries! That's real hardship [sniff]

Llanali Mon 30-Oct-17 18:58:12

Omg don’t. Our Chinese clearly has called id..... they answer with “Hello Mrs Llanali”

The shame.

NoCryLilSoftSoft Mon 30-Oct-17 18:59:37

Oh silvery! That is cruel! I feel your pain, ours is only a year or so open and before that nowhere delivered. Downside is I’m now much fatter and poorer grin

OhShit2017 Mon 30-Oct-17 19:00:39

We don’t have a local chippy but the Indian and the Chinese know my voice so well that they greet me by name as soon as I’ve said ‘hello can I place an order please?’ blush

DancesWithOtters Mon 30-Oct-17 19:02:40

You can tell whether I was sober or pissed from my just eat order history.

I had a night on my own a few weeks ago and ordered pizza, kebab, cheesy chips and onion rings. Ate it all over about 4 hours.

Had to hide all of the rubbish in the wheelie before DP got home.

NoCryLilSoftSoft Mon 30-Oct-17 19:03:21

It’s horrible isn’t it? Do you blush on the phone when they say it? grin

Boysnme Mon 30-Oct-17 20:08:36

Our Chinese takeaway ended up on our friends and family list with BT we phone it that often!

RaskolnikovsGarret Mon 30-Oct-17 20:23:30

One year the only Valentine's Day flowers I received were from the local Indian restaurant. They know me rather well.

PodgeBod Mon 30-Oct-17 20:25:22

My curry place does this. I love it because I can just click order again and my food is on it's way even faster grin

MamaOfTwos Mon 30-Oct-17 20:35:34

When I phone my local Chinese I get greeted like an old friend & asked if I want 'the usual' blush

AlternativeTentacle Mon 30-Oct-17 20:36:59

We don't have such advanced ordering - we just have the guy at the Chinese take out that saved our number the very first time we used them and always says 'Hello X' whenever we call...which is sometimes just twice a year. Freaky.

BubblesBubblesBubbles Mon 30-Oct-17 21:11:39

Our local Indian knows me by name, ah hello MrsBubbles extra pakoras this week blush

BubblesBubblesBubbles Mon 30-Oct-17 21:12:15

I always phone at the same time on a Friday night and he recognises my voice.

Santawontbelong Mon 30-Oct-17 21:15:09

At our old address we used to get a calendar from the Chinese take away every year. blush

DoesHeWantToOrNot Mon 30-Oct-17 21:23:05

When I lived at home and we moved house the Chinese takeaway didn't believe my mum had moved.

TrinityBelle Mon 30-Oct-17 21:25:45

Best thing that happened to my waistline and heart was discovering my local chippy had a 1* food hygiene rating. Put me right off.

Theresnonamesleft Mon 30-Oct-17 21:28:34

It’s even worse when they deliver and personally thank you for your ongoing support and feedback.

Started doing UberEATS to have some guilt free food. Last few times it’s been the same person 😬

Notlostjustexploring Mon 30-Oct-17 21:29:23

The Italian takeaway round the corner, when their card machine wasn't working, just told me to, "pop in to pay the next time I was in" and I got an additional 10% off the Thai restaurant "regulars discount".

I miss my single days sometimes. grin

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