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Yet another losing weight thread

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misscheery Mon 30-Oct-17 17:42:25

Ok, here goes my fucking Monday rant.

I am about 10 kg overweight and I look like a wet sack of potatoes. No offence intended for potatoes, of course, they’re quite sexy compared to me.

This whole losing weight shit is sooooooo easy. High protein, low carb, no processed crap and gym 3 times a week. Right? Easy. Easy peasy.

Then I fucking go to work, I hve a job that pays great but that doesn’t pay off as there’s so much pressure!!! I have clue what to take for lunch so I end up eating crap & complaining. I get home shit tired and again, who eats a salad? I eat the whole fucking fridge and I could go to the neighbors fridges as well if need might be.

Then the weekend comes.... time to relax and... eat some more crap.

Then I complain I’m fat again & the vicious circle carries on.

Please, enlighten me, you people who haven’t gone mad YET. When you diet/watch you calorie intake and you have a busy job/life

Come on, people, I can’t be the only one, am I?! How do you motivate yourselves?
How do you make it easier? What do you take for lunch at work?

End of rant

Ukelou Mon 30-Oct-17 20:35:42

Fitbit log everything u eat. i have lost a stone and a half im post menopausal never thought i would be a size 10 again. It is possible. i never take a lunch from home i just buy a healthy lunch everyday and never go over budget on calorie allowance.

Chilver Mon 30-Oct-17 20:39:19

MyFitnessPal and log everything. I am so busy at work I often don't have time to go to the toilet let alone go out for lunch so I've started taking a lunch box with courgetti and grilled chicken with soy sauce or similar. Heat it up in the microwave, tastes good, fills me up and is low carb and low calorie.

And as for motivation, its hard, but I just got out all my old clothes and they are fitting me now! That helps smile. Also, don't worry about blips or stalls, just watch the trend of your weight over time - as long as its downwards, its good!

patientzero Mon 30-Oct-17 20:41:35

misscheery I don’t have any answers for you but I’m in the same boat.

I do have quite healthy lunches as there’s a good selection of places near work to buy them. Gotta be honest though I’d eat cake 24/7 if I could get away with it blush

JustDanceAddict Mon 30-Oct-17 20:41:52

AGree that mfp is your answer, but as boring as hell.

Ollivander84 Mon 30-Oct-17 20:42:55

Ok. This worked for me but it is so individual. I work shifts, busy stressful job. Every day I fast, so I eat within a 10hr period and fast overnight for 14hrs
That stops me ransacking the fridge as the kitchen is "closed"
For work I take pretty much the same thing - warburtons thin, some ham, cucumber sticks, mini tub hummus, boiled eggs

I track everything on MFP. Yes it's boring grin and yes I'm hungry but it passes and I drink loads of water and tea and I'm 2st 6lbs down

I have the odd pizza but usually a supermarket one and check the calories on the box. Same with cake, chocolate bars etc. But the longer I do it, the more I look at something and go "nah, not worth the calories"

It's the longest I've ever stuck to anything and had great results. If I have a shit day, then I try and make sure I'm at least within the fasting period and just carry on as normal the day after

DJBaggySmalls Mon 30-Oct-17 20:45:13

Try to plan packed lunches and sort your dinners out at the weekend. If you slap a portion of meat in the oven when you get in, it can be ready when you have changed and done some veg. You can have portioned meals in the freezer, put one in the fridge in the morning to defrost, then cook it at night.

PhyllisWig Mon 30-Oct-17 20:46:35

Low carb worked for me to shift the last 10lbs but I lost 4 stone just eating less tbh.

My fitness pal everything. Be patient. Walk a lot. Lunchtime walk can increase productivity too.

I have a similar job to you by the sounds of it and found it really easy to eat shite so had to plan easy stuff.

My trick if you like has been to use convenience food - stir fry packs, those frozen packets of cous cous, cartons of soup etc. Not cooking from scratch and not the cheapest but not horrific and in many cases portion controlled. Or batch cook and freeze in portion controlled pots.

Soup for lunch is always good actually. As are those pots of eggs you can get everywhere now.

And it’s ok to have toast. A couple of slices of toast and peanut butter isn’t a diet buster if you keep an eye on your portions. Throw in a banana and a cup of tea and you’re golden.

misscheery Tue 31-Oct-17 04:31:02

You people are so amazing. Thank you. As of today I’m logging everything and I’ll start from there flowers

Youshallnotpass Tue 31-Oct-17 07:56:41

I am using Myfitnesspal and doing the 4:3 diet - this may suit you if you can tolerate fasting as you are able to have the odd day where you can "have a day off" and still lose weight.

MFP will amaze / depress you with exactly how many calories / how much fat is in food... sad

splendidisolation Tue 31-Oct-17 08:20:21

@PlumpSquirrel has all the answers

troodiedoo Tue 31-Oct-17 08:26:18

Morrisons on the go section is very good for low carb - boiled eggs, chicken satay sticks, edame beans, salads, mini chorizos etc.

misscheery Tue 31-Oct-17 09:43:16

@Youshallnotpass I’ve just read about the 4:3, sounds great to me! Are you losing weight with it? Is it working? What do you have on your fasting days?

Youshallnotpass Tue 31-Oct-17 09:57:59

Yeah I am losing weight, in the first week I was strict on the my non-fasting days as well (1900Kcal) and lost 5 lbs (Which is not sustainable, the first week is always a shock to the system)

I am hoping to stay the same or lose 1lb by this weekend.

On my fasting days I skip breakfast completely, drink a lot of water and have a oats so simple porridge pot (200kcal) and 4 brevita biscuits (200kcal) at lunch.

I then do a omelette for dinner.

You do feel hungry, no way around that but drinking lots of water definitely helps.

2beesornot2beesthatisthehoney Tue 31-Oct-17 10:21:27

Breakfast was my key, hated early breakfast but stuck with it and made sure it always included protein. Then tons of veg. I regularly take a pack of mange tout and baby corn mixed packs in and munch at about 11 or so when otherwise I would tuck into the gazillion cakes on offer. Plenty of protein at lunch too - prawns are good for me.

Personally I don't think the 4:3 or any other fasting diets are sustainable long term. Drinking loads of water can actually be bad for you. The key is changing taste buds, and looking for a gradual longer term change.

misscheery Tue 31-Oct-17 10:22:59

Girls, @work now, didn’t disappear, will come back ASAP and chat more about it, your opinions are very useful!

araiwa Tue 31-Oct-17 10:29:27

What makes you think you can follow all these schemes and plans?

From reading the op it just sounds like you cant be bothered and are using your job as justification.

The only person who can lose your weight is you. Its not easy. Its hard work. You will suffer. You know what you have to do, you said it in op, but taking the easy way out and eating junk for lunch and the whole fridge in the evening isnt gonna cut it

Stop making excuses and do it properly

AnnabelFan Tue 31-Oct-17 10:32:11

splendid smileI see that thread has disappeared! What happened near the end?
Anyway OP, I recommend buying convenience foods too at the minute. Calories will be stated on packets and it's easier when you're tired and ravenous to reach for something easy to heat up/cook/ take out of the packaging so you're not tempted by junk food. The supermarkets all do 'healthy' ranges that are nutritionally good. It makes it wasier to track daily calories too

misscheery Tue 31-Oct-17 10:49:43

@araiwa you are absolutely right, thought a bit rude as you don’t really know much (actually anything at all) about me. Thanks for the message though

araiwa Tue 31-Oct-17 10:54:37

I just went by the op. I want trying to be rude but matter of fact

Im in a similar position. Two bad injuries broke my body and ive got fat and out of shape because of 3 years of being unable to exercise at all. Im recovered now but im so scared of injuring myself again, i find it hard to start exercising again. But i know only i can do it

livefornaps Tue 31-Oct-17 11:02:30

I think the problem is the degree to which food is fetishized now. Adverts for deliveroo etc almost present food as porn. Food is no longer just food it has to be this massive taste orgasm.

Throw in a stressful job and sometimes it can feel as if food is the only joy in life...!

I think if you have money, throw that at the problem. Eat foods which are as close to raw as possible. Whatever amount of water you are drinking, double it.

And prepare to feel bored, unfortunately sad

misscheery Tue 31-Oct-17 11:37:00

@araiwa I hope you find the will to take it slow but start eventually smile

@livefornaps I think you’ve put it the right way. Couldn’t have said it better myself! It’s so easy to eat crap, to not cook at all, etc. Very nice point of view and unfortunately right....

Dee03 Tue 31-Oct-17 11:39:39

Download My Fitness Pal and log everything....I've lost 6lb in 3 weeks....

FenceSitter01 Tue 31-Oct-17 11:46:54

I get up earlier - I walk for 30 mins instead of driving, I take my gym kit with me, I go directly to the gym for 45 mins and walk home, 20 mins. I do around 15,000 steps a day (for those step counting fetishists). I walk every single day, Sunday with have a 20K+ step count, usually closer to 30K. I gym 5 days a week.

I dont eat anything that contains sugar, fat or is processed. I stopped drinking.

PhyllisWig Tue 31-Oct-17 13:03:07

Actually the point about it being boring is useful. I’m maintaining now but I tend to have similar breakfasts and lunches on my work days. It doesn’t bother me but it’s not exciting.

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