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Switching DD from nursery to childminder?

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BernardBlacksHangover Mon 30-Oct-17 14:15:20

Has anyone done this? Is it a bit of a backwards step iyswim?

DD is nearly 3 and has been at nursery for three months. We had a few problems at nursery and DD didn't seem all that happy there when she started; lots more tantrums and bigger tantrums, mimicking a 'cross' voice. Once there was a mix up about something (nursery's fault) and one of the staff (not dd's key worker or the manager or anyone I'd ever met before) was a bit belligerent about it. But we have changed her schedule there now and she seems a lot happier, (shorter hours).

We had been looking for a new nursery, in the mean time and there is another one nearby which we like and which we think we'll be offered a place for, if we want it.

Trying to decide now whether to keep her where she is and avoid disrupting her, now that she seems happier, move her to a new nursery or move her to a childminder for some or all of her time in childcare.

Also, (and sorry; I'm utterly clueless), if I wanted to, I was thinking that dc2 could then go to the same childminder if and when I get back to work, so they would be together. Having never used a childminder and having never had two children before, I don't know if that would be lovely or a terrible idea!

Advice much appreciated.

BernardBlacksHangover Mon 30-Oct-17 16:05:41


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