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WIBU to book mini break without friend?

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Stopmeifyouveheardthisonebefor Mon 30-Oct-17 13:29:19

My friend “Jane” has a big birthday coming up early next year. At a recent meet up our mutual friend “Ann” suggested we should plan something special to mark it.

Suggestions escalated from a meal, to a spa day to a mini break abroad. It was Ann’s idea re mini break but Jane and I well up for it. Jane is single and so doesn’t have an OH to organise something special for her birthday.

It was agreed I would price up a deal to a particular city and we met up again to go over details. Again Ann very keen and upping ante slightly re length of stay and hotel standard.

The next day as I was about to book, I got a text from Ann saying could we postpone booking until after her next payday. Of course I said fine but that date has been and gone, Ann avoiding subject and Jane and myself suspect she has cold feet, probably re cost but maybe for other reasons like not wanting to leave DC.

If we don’t book soon the trip will rise in cost and become unaffordable for me and Jane also.

Would it be mean to say to Ann that we are booking it in x number of days and she needs to decide?And say we understand if she has changed her mind for whatever reason but we still really fancy going.

Mookatron Mon 30-Oct-17 13:33:16

YANBU as long as you are clear and give her a chance to join in if she wants to. Maybe give her an easy out as well, like 'we want you to come but understand if you can't find childcare' or something.

pasturesgreen Mon 30-Oct-17 13:35:27

Not mean at all, no. Ann is being unreasonable by avoiding the subject.

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