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Anyone else have a writing 'callus' or 'bump' on their writing hand?

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RangeTesKopeks Mon 30-Oct-17 10:02:54

I've had a raised bit of hard skin on the inside bit of my middle finger for absolutely ages - ever since I learned how to write. I'm left-handed, if that makes any difference.

Has anyone else got one?

ScipioAfricanus Mon 30-Oct-17 10:21:34

Do you still write a lot? I used to have one at school and uni (right handed) but it’s not noticeable now I mostly use computer for work.

MyOtherProfile Mon 30-Oct-17 10:22:50

Same here. Had one at school and uni but not since I started doing mist of my writing on a screen.

Trailedanderror Mon 30-Oct-17 10:23:09

Yes! And I quite like it as I never had one throughout school and university as I held my pen like a monkey 'wrong'.

iMatter Mon 30-Oct-17 10:27:37

Yes! My right middle finger looks a bit “worn away” by the nail and I have a bump on my top knuckle.

AccrualIntentions Mon 30-Oct-17 10:29:36

I have one, on the left side of my middle finger on my right hand, even though I now don't write much by hand except notes in meeting. It seems permanent after years of school and handwriting pages and pages of notes through 4 years of university!

feelslikearockandahardplace Mon 30-Oct-17 10:30:06

I've got one, I'm right-handed. Occasionally bothers me

megletthesecond Mon 30-Oct-17 10:31:32

10yr old ds has one.

TheLegendOfBeans Mon 30-Oct-17 10:32:07

Ive had it since I was very young but it’s definitely receded now we live in the world of computers and touchscreens.

It never bothered me but it does betray the fact I never learned how to hold a pencil properly as it’s on the third finger of my right hand: I think most folk have them on the second finger grin

NotTheMrMenAgain Mon 30-Oct-17 10:33:21

Yes - I'm also left handed and I've got a pad of what's probably best described as 'thickened skin' above the top knuckle of my middle finder, where I grasp my pen.

It's not hard as such, just thicker/firmer. I've had it since primary school and even though I write a lot less these days it's never showed any sign of going away.

Catwithglasses Mon 30-Oct-17 10:35:20

Yep, developed it as a child -when I actually hand-wrote things with a pen- but it doesn't get much 'reinforcement' nowadays!

RNBrie Mon 30-Oct-17 10:37:11

I still have one, it's smaller than it was 10 years ago. I like it! I'm right handed, late 30s

WorraLiberty Mon 30-Oct-17 10:38:01

Yes, I've had mine since senior school.

RangeTesKopeks Mon 30-Oct-17 10:49:08

Don't think mine's going away either, even though I write a lot less than I did at school and uni. I used to resent it but now I quite like it - I think I've made peace with it and accepted it grin I think my Mum had one when she was a child, but she hasn't got one anymore. My sister used to find it really grim grin

knowwhereyourheadis Mon 30-Oct-17 10:49:13

Yes, on my thumb where the pen rests.

VelvetSpoon Mon 30-Oct-17 10:49:28

Yes, it was known as a 'spod's lump' when I was at uni.

Mine was much bigger when I was still studying, and when I was a trainee and in court all day taking notes for 4 or 5 hours. Now I don't write much, it is barely noticeable.

Mine is on the ring finger of my left hand. I remember thinking in my 20s it was a good job I wasn't getting married because it would have been really unsightly in any ring photos gringrin

Linnet Mon 30-Oct-17 11:09:48

Yes I do, but it seems a bit smaller now than it used to, probably because I don't write as much as I used to, use computer more. Dd2 has one but hers is on her ring finger, she holds her pen weirdly. I don't think dd1 has one at all.

heron98 Mon 30-Oct-17 11:23:34

I have although it's a lot less prominent than when I was at school and wrote all the time

CaoNiMwahaha Mon 30-Oct-17 11:24:04

I have one. The top of my middle finger actually bends to the side!

Roomba Mon 30-Oct-17 11:56:36

Yep - still got mine and I'm 41 now! It is a lot smaller now as I don't handwrite much these days. DS1 has one too. My first finger is actually slightly bent from holding a pencil too.

Just remembered how sore and swollen it used to get sometimes, if I'd had to do a really long piece of handwriting with a freshly sharpened pencil rubbing it raw...

Glumglowworm Mon 30-Oct-17 12:07:03

Yes on my ring finger because I hold a pen wrong blush it's much less obvious now than when I was at school and uni though

JustDanceAddict Mon 30-Oct-17 12:08:29


DramaAlpaca Mon 30-Oct-17 12:11:16

Yes, I still have mine from school days, and my middle finger on my right hand is bent slightly to the right.

hazell42 Mon 30-Oct-17 12:13:09

I write by hand a lot. I use a stainless steel fountain pen (shaeffer) and the pen just glides over the paper. Barely have to hold it at all. No lumps, callouses or cramps.
I highly recommend

SyrilSneer Mon 30-Oct-17 12:14:13

Me too on middle finger of writing hand since school. Am a nurse so still write reams by hand every day.

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