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Stompy McStompy

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RustyPaperclips Sun 29-Oct-17 23:37:36

I accept that I may well be unreasonable but I blame lack of sleep and I am at my wits end. I knew and accepted that living in a flat meant that you hear your neighbours from time to time. We try to be quiet and don’t hear too much noise from our neighbours despite being on very different shift patterns.

However the newish tenants/owners wake us up from about 5am onwards stomping up and down their flat over and over again. It sounds like they are just marching up and down the same floorboards above our bedroom and hallway over and over again, it’s non stop.

We hardly heard any noise from the previous tenants/owners. I have spoken to the woman a couple of times in passing and she seems very nice but how on earth can I ask her to tread more lightly?! Do I just have to suck it up and try to move on? I’ve tried ear plugs but the ones I bought really didn’t seem to help

Misspollyhadadollie Sun 29-Oct-17 23:41:42

I have the same problem. Last neighbours didn't hear anything. These ones just noise noise noise. I've yet to say anything as I don't want to cause tension. But it's been so bad they've woken my up out of my sleep at 3am crashing around. Noisy neighbours are horrendous.

RustyPaperclips Sun 29-Oct-17 23:47:50

It’s so difficult as I also don’t want to cause tension, and I have no idea how on earth I could reasonably ask them to be quieter. In the early hours of the morning I wish I could be like Mr Heckles from Friends and get the broom out

PumpkinSquash Sun 29-Oct-17 23:48:18

Ooh, I don't know, that's a hard one. I obviously don't know either of you or your stompy flat neighbour. I do know though that I was accused of stampeding across the floorboards when I was just walking normally. Must be naturally flat footed?! Luckily we were good mates!)
If it's every morning she must need to get up at that time.
Not much you can do (apart from earplugs) unless you're more confrontational than me and don't mind telling them that they're being loud and keeping you awake at 5am!

RustyPaperclips Sun 29-Oct-17 23:54:58

Ooh no I hate confrontation! I guess I’ll just have to invest in better earplugs!

The stomping is constant all day but it just seems even worse from about 5am till 9 as we just can’t get any sleep.

Misspollyhadadollie Mon 30-Oct-17 09:38:11

That's the thing there's not a nice way to say it. I did call my council when I was at the end of my tether with the noise and they did say I could make a complaint but imagine the fall out! I've also joked about using a broom, I say joke but it's tempting lol

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