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Holiday woes

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Jellyloveforever Sun 29-Oct-17 19:53:09

Hi everyone,

I work as a before and after school nanny to a family with 3 kids, youngest is a baby.
I do have several years experience with children, working in different childcare settings, as well as in a similar nanny role while I was studying previously. The family I work for now are lovely, and have been nothing but decent but often I feel they don't really value this experience IFYSM especially as the dad is often there while I'm working and I feel a bit micromanaged. He is very nice but I find it frustrating!
My question is: what would most people expect to happen re holidays in such a job. I completely forgot about half term, aw my uni doesn't have one. When I remembered (last week, so a week before the break) and mentioned it to the mum to see if they needed any extra hours done, she said they didn't need me all week. In reality I think this is ok with me as I have a few days I want to take after Christmas, so would appreciate flexibility on both sides. However I'd like to hear from nannies/ parents who use childcare what the norm would be here, as I don't want to appear cheeky in looking for days off. Also I felt a bit shocked to be told without warning of a week off without pay, so was wondering if I'm being unreasonable on that?

I don't have a contract, and am not paying any tax as it's so few hours and falls below the threshold so maybe it's just how these things go . The family are genuinely lovely, so maybe it's me!

Jellyloveforever Sun 29-Oct-17 19:54:01

Sorry deleted a bit in the middle, as this was looking a bit long but think it still makes sense blushblush

DoveBlue Sun 29-Oct-17 20:22:25

I pay my nanny a salary assuming x number of hours a week times 52 divide by 12. That is what she gets paid each month plus any additional hours worked she gets in the following months pay.

She has x number of days off out of them she chooses half and half I choose. She always ends up with extra days off e.g. if grandparents have them etc. I still pay her.

Jellyloveforever Sun 29-Oct-17 21:16:43

Thanks dove I'm thinking I'm not being unreasonable!

DoveBlue Sun 29-Oct-17 21:30:15

YANBU by the sound of it.
My nanny is a valued employee (although we treat her more like a member of the family) who I trust with my kids. She has my respect and deserves to be paid appropriately for the service she provides.
If your employer was using a nursery they would have submit hours they wanted over a month in advance and pay during their holdiays to keep space.

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