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Balloon Thief!

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StudentMumArghh Sun 29-Oct-17 17:51:56

I was just in McDs with DD and DP having food and a man came to give out balloons. DD received one as well as three other children sat opposite us.

About 20 mins later a couple of young lads come in about 10yo. One runs around the tables, jumps grabs one of the other families balloons and runs off.

I was shock at the cheek. I told DP and he said it was none of my business and as I wasn't 100% sure whose the balloon was. But I knew it wasn't the boy's who took it.

Anyway just as we were leaving, one of the children from the family was looking for a balloon, it must of been his that the boy took. angry

Would you of said anything or was I right to mind my own? If DP hadn't of said anything, I would have confronted the boy or told his father.

NancyDonahue Sun 29-Oct-17 17:56:08

I'd just ask for another balloon.

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