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BetterGoNowMary Sun 29-Oct-17 12:41:59

DH has got a cold and I want to kill him. Sniff, snort, blow, pathetic cough. Repeat, repeat, REPEAT.

I know IABU but at the same time...IANBU right?!?!

Santawontbelong Sun 29-Oct-17 12:42:56

Patience. ...
Pillow over his head in bed tonight should do it.

Nanasueathome Sun 29-Oct-17 12:44:09

That’s fine
We will cover for you

ForgotwhatIcameinherefor Sun 29-Oct-17 12:46:30

When sharing a bed with coughing child I keep an earplug in on that side. and often keep one in for large portions of the day just saying

BetterGoNowMary Sun 29-Oct-17 12:48:03

Yeah I do the earplug thing too!!!

Honestly between him and my toddler who constantly says 'mine' like those seagulls from finding nemo I am on the verge of a nervous breakdown

WorraLiberty Sun 29-Oct-17 12:48:13

And what are you like when you have a cold, OP?

Do you swoon daintily and take yourself off to rest quietly on the chaise lounge? grin

BetterGoNowMary Sun 29-Oct-17 12:49:54

I'm one of those very annoying people who never get colds

I think the last time I had one was 2001

I daresay I have many other annoying habits however.

WorraLiberty Sun 29-Oct-17 12:54:30

My ex husband was the worst.

Every time he sneezed, he'd say "Ahhh 'ere we go-aah"

Like Every.Fucking.Time confused confused angry

Ilovechocolate111 Sun 29-Oct-17 12:56:14

Man flu is the worse thing ever they always go ott lol. I've fallen out with my husband because he's a heavy breather and I told him to sleep downstairs because he's to noisy lol xx

Kpo58 Sun 29-Oct-17 13:03:13

Do you swoon daintily and take yourself off to rest quietly on the chaise lounge?

Doesn't everyone go through their chaise lounge in their boudoir when they have a cold?

OP can you not banish him to the summer house?

DJBaggySmalls Sun 29-Oct-17 13:08:38

Swapsies? New neighbour has yappy little dog.

LemonShark Sun 29-Oct-17 13:11:12

Ah I hate it when you have a bad cold and no amount of nose blowing stops it running so you literally can't stop sniffing, I had one on a train once and tried sooooo hard to stop but blowing wasn't working so in the end my only option (woman was giving me evils) was to just hold a tissue to my nose and miserably let it all dribble out constantly.

As annoying as it is to hear others sniffing I always remind myself it's worse for them being unable to escape it and feeling rubbish and that they may genuinely have fired everything they can!

BetterGoNowMary Sun 29-Oct-17 13:20:31

I'd happily swap both of them for a dog!!! grin

JennyBlueWren Sun 29-Oct-17 13:28:25

My poor DH went through to sleep in his gaming room when I woke him in the night from all my "breathing" and coughing earlier in the week. He stayed there for three nights. He has however been doing all the active childcare (only leaving me to supervise Cbeebies).

Can he take Night nurse? I find that sees me through but I'm pregnant and all I'm allowed (after DH went to pharmacy) was some hideous honey and lemon glycerine stuff that does nothing!

Mittens1969 Sun 29-Oct-17 16:07:08

Don’t get me started on man-flu!! My DH is terrible for this. Last time he was off work with a bad cold, he really annoyed me; I asked him if he could mind our 2 DDs for 10 minutes while I popped to our local Tesco Express for a couple of things. He said he wasn’t up to minding both of them, so I took them with me. Fgs, all he had to do was stick the telly on!!

He doesn’t even remember this now, he says. hmm

CigarsofthePharoahs Sun 29-Oct-17 16:26:37

Is he one of these "tough it out" types who won't take medication?
I don't make anything like that amount of fuss with a cold as I'm usually maxed out on pseudoephedrine, nasal sprays and painkillers. Why suffer needlessly, especially when it makes your spouse think it might be time to re-lay the patio.

BetterGoNowMary Sun 29-Oct-17 16:39:33

Oh no, he's cleaned us out of bloody lemsip!!!

He was well enough to eat 4 slices of my lemon cake apparently.

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