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AIBU to be pretty pissed off

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snoopy2016 Sun 29-Oct-17 08:57:04

I went for a promotion at work and the second interview was three weeks ago. Then all week people have been asking if I have heard anything, which I hadn’t then on Friday a member of staff not even a manager or supervisor said oh so and so got the job then sorry you didn’t get it. I sat there gob smacked when I asked how many people knew apparently the whole department I work with knew the previous Friday so for a week I feel like the people who have been asking are just mocking me AIBU to be really annoyed I was the last one to know?

imisschocolate Sun 29-Oct-17 09:15:56

People probably weren't mocking you but asking so you had the chance to tell them. They probably thought that HR or your manager would have told you.

I would complain to HR for not having been told.

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