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To be so thrilled I just remembered...

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JustWhat Sat 28-Oct-17 06:38:02

...fig rolls!! grin

Having a bout of post op insomnia and decided to make a start on the online shop. Added all the boring usuals and then went to check the shared shopping list DP and I have on our phones (which I never add to and he adds allsorts of random shite which I tend to ignore!) Anyway to my delight, he has added tissues, which I had already remembered (go me!) and garubaldi biscuits! No idea why he suddenly had a desire for those, and I did for a minute wonder if they even existed any more but humoured him (and almost woke him up with my snort of amusement!) and searched and lonand behold there they were. Added them and was about to log off but then suddenly out of nowhere I had a thought about other old fashioned long forgotten biscuits and came up with fig rolls! It reminds me of a lovely time the teenage me worked in an old people’s home with my best friend every Saturday and Sunday and we used to be so hungover from underage drinking that we lived for the 11am coffee break where we could sit with the residents in a cosy chair in the lounge and stuff as many fig rolls down our throats as the old ladies would leave in the tin!

Just ordered some (if they were good enough for the old dears I’m sure they’ll be great for me while I recouperate at home!) and am strangely delighted with myself for remembering and with DP’s random garibaldiness for reminding me!

Any other long forgotten treats I might want to add to help me recover over the next couple of weeks?! grin

MamaOfTwos Sat 28-Oct-17 06:39:28

Chip sticks
Gingerbread men
Cheese 'n' pineapple (some assembly required)

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