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AIBC - wondering why...

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EverythingRightNow Sat 28-Oct-17 04:18:28

I was sorting stuff out in the kitchen, a friends been round, what looked like a medicine leaflet I took out yday when sorting medication that was left on the side, so went to bin it, my friend said not to it was hers, something to do with her bits and pieces. I hesitated and thought maybe I was wrong.

(AIBC - AIB Crazy)

So I've had a bad day slept a lot, woke up and pottering about, I glanced at the leaflet and it is for a really potent medication I take. (Which I keep locked away in a safe)

Why would she want it? It just says bla bla it's this medication, it's used for these illnesses, take this way, here's the doses available, here's the side effects. It's not a medication that has benefits for anyone else as it's chemotherapy type medication.

I'm just puzzled firstly why lie, why not just say oh I'm interested just want a read. Secondly I'm puzzled why she'd be interested. She's really into knowing in depth stuff about my illnesses, which at first was refreshing as most people avoid it, but then she'll go on about how she googled 'x' and it said this, which contradicts what I've said.

No one knows I keep it in a safe or where the safe is. I've checked everything is fine. (Obviously it's known now it's in a safe but she's off home tomorrow)

Just seems so odd.

HateSummer Sat 28-Oct-17 04:34:28

Ask her. Can’t really tell you why she wanted it, but it’s weird.

Crumbs1 Sat 28-Oct-17 04:49:50

She was just being nosey unless you talk about your condition a lot and she wanted to check out facts? I’d talk to her about it if you’re bothered.

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