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Did the age gap thread get zapped?

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Sittinonthefloor Fri 27-Oct-17 23:07:18

I wish there was a 'recently deleted' topic so I didn't have to spend ages trawling through all the different topics!

Butterymuffin Fri 27-Oct-17 23:10:13

Yep. Deletion message said they were deleting thread on the OP's behalf as she'd given too much personal information. hmm

Sittinonthefloor Fri 27-Oct-17 23:13:43

Thank you - I thought it was the kind of thread that was going to keep going!

SmileSunshine Fri 27-Oct-17 23:19:47

If it was the one about young mums . She was in her 20's, Bf in his 30's. MNHQ's message said she was a troll. TBH it was obvious from the start.

TisapityshesaGeordie Fri 27-Oct-17 23:23:42

There's been a glut of "age difference" posts today. Surely they must all be the same OP in various guises? Too much of a coincidence otherwise.

SmileSunshine Sat 28-Oct-17 07:59:34

It's midterm break so not surprised really.

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