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To be so grumpy?

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Bambamber Fri 27-Oct-17 11:17:33

My DC is waking hourly, And has never gone more than 2 hours between waking (over 6 months). I'm breastfeeding so I've been the one to wake up every single time. DH has offered to do night feeds but he sleeps through DC crying and I wake as soon as DC starts to stir, so just seems pointless. He does take DC for a bit before and after work to allow me to get a quick snooze in.

So now I'm seriously grumpy. Every little thing is just so incredibly irritating, things that I wouldn't normally bat an eyelid at. I'm also struggling to keep up the housework. So when DH moans for the last couple of days that he's running out of pants, And I come downstairs to find he's had time to organise DC toys in alphabetical order, But not stick a load of washing on, I may have lost my shit. Now I have to add, he does cook for us every night and tidies and cleans the kitchen every day. He also tidies the front room every morning, And regularly Hoovers and sweeps, So he does help around the house. But it's just little things like when he doesn't wash he toothbrush properly and leaves it on the side to drip skanky toothpaste all over the side instead of putting it away. I constantly put it away for him and remind him, But he still does it and it fills me with rage. He's not the one that has to clear it up!

But then thinking about it, I do things that irritate him. I have an awful habit of never shutting cupboard doors properly. I never clear up the kitchen after myself properly. I never offer to make him a hot drink.

So AIBU to get so grumpy with him over little things that in the grand scheme of things really don't matter? Especially when I do irritating little things? Or am I allowed to be grumpy temporarily until I get more sleep?

DoublyTroubly Fri 27-Oct-17 11:22:17

Of course you’re allowed to be grumpy on such little sleep but I would acknowledge to DH that you recognise how much he does around the house and that the sleep deprivation is making you grumpy

Can DH take baby in the evening to give you a few hours of uninterrupted sleep? I used to feed baby about 7.30 and be in bed by 8. DH would keep baby downstairs with him until midnight or so and feed him immediately before bringing him up to bed, so I had at least 4 hours continuous sleep x

Bambamber Fri 27-Oct-17 11:40:31

Thankyou, that's a good point. I may bake him a cake as a sign of appreciation. I have tried telling him it's the sleep deprivation making me so grumpy, but he seems to think there's something wrong. Which there isn't, im just tired and grumpy.

He normally does that around the cooking anyway. So he'll come home, sorts baby for an hour or 2 until he does the cooking, then he has cuddles with her between feeds. But I normally use that time to catch up with the housework. I've also started getting back into my hobby again, So going out in the evening for a couple of hours once or twice a week. But DC doesn't like taking milk other than from breast. Will do if hungry enough, but will still want breast after. So like last night I went out for 2 hours and baby wouldn't settle the whole time despite DH giving her some expressed milk. Soon as I was home she went on the breast to settle, and was feeding for an hour and a half solid! And even if I do go upstairs for a nap, If baby doesn't settle i can't sleep and if DC cries I start leaking everywhere. I'm just so exhausted

Kochicoo Fri 27-Oct-17 12:22:29

You poor thing OP. The sleep deprivation is awful. My dd didn't sleep for more than 2 hours til 2.5 years (stomach issues - sure yours wont be that bad) and I feel like a different person now that she does. I was so irritable with loved ones cause you just have no energy do you? I remember that if I mumbled said something to someone and they didn't catch what I said, I would be furious that I had to repeat it which I know is completely unreasonable. I was just too tired to string the sentence together again. Just keep reminding your DH that it's the sleep deprivation (it's used as a method of torture, remember), not him and it will pass. Lots of sympathy to you and good luck.

Bambamber Fri 27-Oct-17 19:00:35

I do exactly the Same! I call my poor husband cloth ears all the time as he never heard what I'm saying and he tells me I'm mumbling, but I feel like I couldn't possibly be mumbling with the amount of energy I put into talking. Thankyou,My husband's grandparents were talking about us having another baby today, I was just staring at them in stony faced horror!

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