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How do I go about moving towns? Posting here for traffic

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TartWithTheCart35 Thu 26-Oct-17 16:29:45

Just started divorce proceedings from H. Have 2DS aged 9 and 6. They are both settled in schools and have a few friends in this town. But I'm not from here and neither is STBXH.

But I hate the place, it's a shithole. I'm a SAHM but that has to change now but I can't get a job as there is nothing going here, the place is like a ghost town.

I would like to move to another county about an hour away, also so I'm nearer to my family as they are a 3hr drive away now.

How do I go about moving though? Schools, work and how do I find where is nice to live?? Would it be too much for the DC? Leaving dad and friends and moving to a complete new town?

TartWithTheCart35 Thu 26-Oct-17 16:59:48

Ok so the traffic has slowed down in here then?

cardibach Thu 26-Oct-17 17:28:17

Find a job first. Then when you know your pay, find a place to live. Then ring and visit schools.
It’s complicated, it is disruptive, but if you are happier in the end it’s better for your children too. I moved when DD was 5. It was all fine.

meditrina Thu 26-Oct-17 17:35:09

Firstly, what are the child arrangements likely to be? The starting premise is that DC need to come first and are entirled to a relationship with both parents. Have you had any discussions with STBX about future residency.

Get that sorted before beginning to contemplate a move.

And then I think cardibach is correct. You need to work out what your future income is likely to be, where you can afford to live etc.

Then you start looking for new locations where it is likely you can secure work, can afford to live, and can afford to take DC for all contact with their father (as you are the knew who is moving away)

Only when you have a new address can you apply for an in-year transfer for schools for your DC. There are lots of threads on the education boards about the nuts and bolts of that.

It all seems a bit daunting when it's ahead of you. But it does get easier as yo work your way through it.

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