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To think my parents should butt out?

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CW1805 Thu 26-Oct-17 14:49:09

I've recently quit my job, due to DH new position we are better off money wise and my wage is surplus. So, since I've wanted to leave for a while now I decided it's now or never.
However, my parents just cannot get over it! Keep banging on about why I shouldn't leave and what if I get bored being a SAHM and why would I want to give up the extra cash. And DM keeps telling me all the new things I should do my new found free time (like I won't still have a two year old to look after everyday!) like going to cooking classes! I can cook - I just loathe cooking.
It's just grating on me, like hello mother, I'll decide what I do with my days and dad if I want to quit and can then I will! DF also keeps telling me how to speak to people about it! I'm here thinking, I've already learnt how to talk and am quite capable of making conversation without back up, he's like 'Don't tell people its because you have more money' so what am i supposed to say then 'I'm leaving cos I can't stand any of you' (half the reason tbf)
I just wish they'd leave me to it, I run the show now not them. They can't tell me what to do like I'm a kid anymore, I'm a grown woman with a family of my own and if I think I'm doing what's best for my family then that should be end of story right?
Should I just tell them to back off (they have a new insight on the matter every freaking day) or AIBU and should just ride it out? I wouldn't have even entertained the idea of quitting if we still needed the money, but we don't and they know all this so why should it even concern them?

FeelingAggrieved Thu 26-Oct-17 14:52:06

If you get bored being a SAHM it's not like you can't get a job again. Yes they should mind their own business but I guess they're only looking out for you. 😁

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