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Drive 1 hour for first meeting?

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coffeecuppa Thu 26-Oct-17 13:59:07

I met a guy on OLD and we’ve been chatting for a few days. He suggested meeting up next week, I suggested a big town pretty much equidistant (not directly between us, it’s south for him and west for me). He has come back saying he wants to explore the pubs in his village where he just moved to today...

AIBU to think we should meet in a bigger town? Would you drive an hour to meet a man for the first time in his home town? I don’t know why I’m feeling weird about this but something isn’t sitting right with me!

Msqueen33 Thu 26-Oct-17 14:01:20

I’d prefer to meet half way. Seems a bit off one person doing all the running though if he doesn’t drive I’d probanly be a bit more accepting.

PaintingByNumbers Thu 26-Oct-17 14:03:32

Nah, he sounds lazy already and its not even date one yet. Equidistant sounds fair. I wouldn't bother with this one, it will be all on his terms

Shoxfordian Thu 26-Oct-17 14:16:33

Yeah you should meet halfway

Not much fun for you to explore pubs when you have to drive back after

hmmwhatatodo Thu 26-Oct-17 14:17:04

Sounds like Mr. I can’t be bothered.

GreenFingersWouldBeHandy Thu 26-Oct-17 14:17:42

He sounds lazy. If you're driving you won't be able to drink so what's the point of 'exploring the pubs' - unless he's planning on getting you tiddly, then 'Oh, whoops you can't drive home now you'd better stay over...'

Seriously though, if he won't compromise for the first date...? I wouldn't bother.

UterusUterusGhali Thu 26-Oct-17 14:19:08

Can he drive?
If he lives in a village chances are there isn't any public transport.

Or if he does he badly wants to drink on the date. hmm

FlyingCat Thu 26-Oct-17 14:19:25

‘Something isn’t sitting right for me’...

There’s your answer. Your instincts are telling you all is not right. I’d run.

DunkMeInTomatoSoup Thu 26-Oct-17 14:19:36

He has come back saying he wants to explore the pubs in his village where he just moved to today

You drive, he wanders round getting pissed. Sounds a marvellous date hmm

TemptressofWaikiki Thu 26-Oct-17 14:20:14

Yep, this is in itself a clear sign that this guy is lazy, thinking of himself only and may even have an agenda. Nope. At this early stage, I would expect someone to make some effort.

Apileofballyhoo Thu 26-Oct-17 14:39:28

Nope. Halfway is reasonable.

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