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AIBU to object?

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Littlemissdemeanour Thu 26-Oct-17 12:36:46

Cut a long story short, I live in an otherwise lovely block of private flats (Scotland) that has a factor (£150 a month- I know, extortion, and not regulated....)

Anyway, the fire alarm is faulty and sounds through this a LOT. Think 18 times in last 3 months, and 3 times through the night etc. Clearly, horrendous. Factor (building manager) take no responsibility.

The latest is its due to residents smoking in corridor (never seen this personally) and signs have now gone up saying they're installing cctv in my (and all other) hallways?!?!?

Surely they can't do this without my permission / consent/ particularly as it's my money they're using!

I'm also really concerned as a female living alone that someone can watch my movements?

AIBU? Has anyone any experience? Legal or otherwise that may help my position, I'm really anxious about the alarm constantly sounding, but also about the incoming cctv 'watching' me confused

Littlemissdemeanour Thu 26-Oct-17 14:52:44


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