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Royal Mail

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thegoodnameshadgone Wed 25-Oct-17 19:40:57


So they have sent me a text to say that they have delivered to me or one of my neighbours.

Got home, no card.

Aibu to expect a card. I know I am not and just posting for traffic.

Knocked at neighbors either side and no parcel.

What is the likelihood they will try and re deliver tomorrow?

If not, what is the likelihood of claiming. This was an expensive coat for a birthday present.

Thanks all.

Caulk Wed 25-Oct-17 19:42:37

How was the parcel sent? If it’s recorded delivery and you call them then they’ll tell you the house number or surname that signed for it

agentdaisy Wed 25-Oct-17 19:49:00

Yanbu. Royal Mail are starting to get as bad as My Hermes. I missed a delivery last week and had a card through the letter box. Problem is that the way they had ticked it I couldn't tell whether they'd ticked "left with a neighbour" or "taken back to the depot". There was also no reference number to give me a clue so I had to choose between knocking on several neighbours doors or spend the next morning getting to the depot in the off chance it was there. It turned out that it was at the depot but the person on the desk acted like it was my fault that I didn't have a reference number to make it easier to find.

thegoodnameshadgone Wed 25-Oct-17 19:54:40

Thanks for the replies. Will just have to wait in tomorrow I suppose in case the text was sent in error and they re deliver tomorrow. If not will have to go Friday. It was sent to me. I have a tracking number so it must be signed for. It was sent from outside the uk.

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