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To ask you to decorate my lounge?

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Ohwell14 Wed 25-Oct-17 19:24:15

With very little visual imagery.
Can't take a full picture as I don't want to be recognised.
I love my wallpaper but hate the paint colour we did with it and have no idea what to change it to.
We have oak and white furniture and I'm clueless about what colour the home accessories/pillows/picture frames should be. I'm useless.
The light brown colour on the wall pic is the paint and then a pic of the furniture colour
Please help, I hate how it looks now

fucksakefay Wed 25-Oct-17 19:25:24

What's the age of your house / general style throughout (e.g. Period, modern etc)

NotMrsTumble Wed 25-Oct-17 19:28:16

pick the cream /white (hard to see on phone) for paint. Use the lime for accents, cushions etc, with a touch of the chocolate brown.

Ohwell14 Wed 25-Oct-17 19:29:00

House is not very old, I would say it has a modern style, except for bedroom which is sort of shabby chic
And we also rent so we can decorate but can't have too many things on the walls

Fixmylife Wed 25-Oct-17 19:29:05

I think a light teal/duck egg blue for the paint with the lime and teal colours used for cushions etc

ownedbySWD Wed 25-Oct-17 19:31:34

As you are renting I would match the cream; repainting over a dark colour when you have to move is a pain. <<voice of experience>>

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