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Hotpoint will not replace faulty tumble dryer

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Jellygummy Tue 24-Oct-17 12:49:02

I paid for a new tumble dryer as an upgrade, instead of having an engineer come out to modify our fully working, potentially unsafe recalled model.
It was delivered 10 days ago and they took away our recalled model. 
Now our new dryer won't work and is displaying a fault code. Spoken with Hotpoint who have said that I have to wait for an engineer to come out to investigate the fault. 

AIBU to expect them to just arrange a replacement of a dryer that develops a fault within ten days of delivery? 
They are refusing to do anything, including refunding me, until the engineer comes out to confirm. (Maybe they think I'm lying or too stupid to operate the machine!)!
I am off work today and tomorrow so agreed to them coming out but no one is available, after which I'm back at work so will potentially be without a tumble dryer for weeks. Not great with a potty training toddler! 

5foot5 Tue 24-Oct-17 13:42:21

We have a Hotpoint washer / dryer.
Just out of its guarantee period the dryer started to display an error code (E11) and though the washer was / is fine the dryer stopped working.

We rang the service centre and found we had to wait nearly a week for someone to come out. Obviously we paid for the repair. He said it was a faulty sensor.

The very next time we used it the same error code returned. I rang again and this time got someone the next day. This time he said that it had been fixed but the error not cleared from controller. Luckily he didn't try to charge again.

However, you guessed it, the same thing happened when we tried to use it again. Once again I had to wait days - apparently the repair men only do our area on certain days of the week, hence the wait.

On the third attempt he replaced the sensor and its controller. Still no joy. I am no engineer but it does occur to me that if sensor after sensor is persistently reporting a particular error then maybe it is not the sensor at fault, maybe this error actually does exist and should have been addressed?

Anyway, we have lost patience. We continue to use the washer part and will shortly be buying a separate dryer. Definitely NOT Hotpoint!!

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