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Caution: men at work

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lilathewerewolf Tue 24-Oct-17 12:15:53

Aibu to be bloody fed up of my DP moaning that he's better than everyone else at work and miles more competent and his manager doesn't appreciate him enough and if he isn't a regional manager by so-and-so time then he'll leave and that will show them all?

I'm sure there was another thread touching on this recently but try as I might I cant find it, basically commiserating on our partners having a hugely inflated sense of self importance at their job. I don't deny that he works hard, he's just not the be all and end all fountain of knowledge he seems to think he is. Getting a bit fucked off with all the moaning to be honest. Tell me I'm being a cow and I should sit there and nod my head and stroke his ego after doing my own 12 hour shifts?

MissConductUS Tue 24-Oct-17 13:44:03

Tell him to seek a more responsible position with another firm. That will provide a bit of a reality check.

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