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In this employment query?

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moutonfou Mon 23-Oct-17 23:37:10

I recently went for a permanent job and didn't get it but was offered a fixed-term contract instead.

I've just seen the same company advertise the same permanent job. Now you could presume that they weren't sure I was suitable for the permanent job, so they offered me the shorter one as a trial. However the company's own fixed-term contract policy states that FTCs shouldn't be used as a trial or to test suitability for a role. It must be a project-based role or otherwise time-limited role.

AIBU to think I should have been considered for the permanent role? It's same role, same team. Under their policy, either I was suitable or I wasn't. Should I at least find a way to appropriately/professionally mention I've noticed the new advert and ask what the deal is? Or just not rock the boat?

nevereverever83 Tue 24-Oct-17 00:01:13

But it sounds like you were considered for the permanent role -- you applied for it; they declined to offer you the permanent job; they offered you a FTC role instead, you took it. Then they readvertised the permanent role as they were still looking. Or have I misunderstood?

missymayhemsmum Tue 24-Oct-17 00:02:14

You could ask.
But it could be that you weren't the best candidate for the job you wanted, but they had another short term role they want to fill. Or that someone else was already lined up for the permanent role.
Whatever the policy, it's sensible to offer a short term contract to someone you want to try out, and offer the permanent contract to the person you need to keep.

moutonfou Tue 24-Oct-17 00:16:54

I mean I actually think it's sensible too missymayhemsmum and it's what I'd do too, ( I'm in recruitment!) but their policy does clearly state that FTCs aren't a trial or means to 'try out' staff. They said when offering that they expected further opportunities after the short term one but if they've offered a load of permanent roles I guess I'm worried that won't be the case.

scottishdiem Tue 24-Oct-17 01:00:45

It depends.

If you applied for and were turned down job A but were offered a temp role that looks a lot like job A then you may very well have a point.

Also, if you are now doing Temp Job B and there is a possibility that Temp Job B might become permanent you also have a point.

However, if you are not doing Job A and Temp Job B will not lead to Permanent Job B then it doesn't look like a policy is being broken.

You can nicely and politely ask if you can apply for Job A again though. If they didnt recruit the first time it may be that they are still unsure exactly what they are looking for and you now have insider experience.

Also, the way that the actual policy is written could be slightly unclear. I suspect its there to ensure that no-one is offered or assumes that a FTC will lead to a permanent position as opposed to preventing it happen at all.

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