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*Possible Trigger* 999 What's your emergency

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Beerwench Mon 23-Oct-17 23:17:28

Tonight's episode is about mental illness and when that leads to a crisis that an ambulance attends - so this may be triggering.

I am in awe of the ambulance crews and police that have been on the programme tonight that see these patients and try and help them at that point of crisis.
The ambulance crews interviewed have said it's often the hardest part of their work, dealing with a mental health crisis, because there's nothing they can do immediately to help. The most they can do is treat any physical issues and transport to hospital.
Watching it I'm in no doubt that all those featured needed the intervention, because they were at crisis point. There were also those who attended frequently, and for them this was an ongoing problem.
Most everyone interviewed said the same thing - there's limited or no help. One guy even said he's not considered 'crazy' enough to get the ongoing help and support he needs.
This is a massive problem, one paramedic said that at least one job per shift is a case of mental illness, and another few say they don't have a lot of training regarding mental health issues.
Seeing the desperation these patients suffer, trapped inside a mind that is torturing them. Seeing the families despair as they try and get help for their loved ones, it's heartbreaking.
I know that there are posters here who are paramedics and police officers, possibly also fire personnel - from the bottom of my heart thank you for what you do, for not judging and for battling to help those who desperately need it. I have been in a situation where I needed emergency help because I'd reached crisis point. You are amazing.
Mental illness needs to be taken seriously, it costs lives. the programme says that in the last 2 years 1,711 mental health beds have been cut. That's 1,711 people that aren't getting the help they need, which leads to situations like the programme has illustrated, a crisis that needs emergency intervention.
And as budgets are cut, it's going to get worse. I don't know what the answer is, but I fear it's going in the wrong direction. If you can, do watch it on catch up, it's an eye opener.

OrangeCrush19 Mon 23-Oct-17 23:53:30

Totally agree re the mental health crisis.

My best friend told three doctors last year he was suicidal and wanted help - apparently that wasn’t enough to be admitted to hospital. His family have been trying to look after him at home, and are obviously completely unqualified- not to mention terrified.

Another friend’s brother was discharged from A&E after a suicide attempt, into the care of his mum, who was told he would need 24h care. He killed himself at the first opportunity, and she now blames herself.

I wonder what it will take to change things in this country.

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