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First Birthday Party

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Normallyjustaviewer007 Mon 23-Oct-17 21:16:02

We were invited to a first bday party at the wkend (us and our crawling 13mth old) it was held in a restaurant/bar about 40min drive away...there was no area for babies, no mats for babies to sit/crawl on (the ground was really dirty...did i mention it was a bar..), no toys (distractions) for babies, no food/snacks provided for babies or us for that matter! We had to buy our own food and drink. Is this what a birthday party has become....byo!?
(To think we fed 40 men women and babies at our bbq bday party a few wks earlier!)
AIBU to expect at least a cocktail sausage!!

(Actually there was a cake...but it wasn’t even cut!!!!)

crumpledwand Tue 24-Oct-17 01:08:00

Does sound a little crappy maybe the parents didn't have much money and just wanted to get people together. I know what You mean though issue is at this time of year a party for a small child can work out really expensive a couple of months ago when we had the nicer weather it would of been simpler to have a party in the garden i actually did this myself for my daughter's first birthday with the help of a couple family members and it was a lovely day for every one but my friend who's children's birthdays are this time of year either has to sort out soft play which can be pricey esp with Christmas around the corner or some sort of activity again all costing money. If I find I need to go for meals or anything to be on the safe side I take a small bag with a small blanket to lay on the floor and a couple of small wooden toys.

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