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To wonder what the hell? A Domino's pizza is £20??

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Scabbersley Mon 23-Oct-17 20:29:12

Dd is having a party and has asked for Domino's. I haven't had a Domino's pizza for about 25 years. Just went on the website and one large pizza is £20!

So 7 pizzas would cost £140.

What the actual hell??

RJnomore1 Mon 23-Oct-17 20:29:53

Ahh you need a code.

Also how many are at the party?

WonderLime Mon 23-Oct-17 20:30:25

I think there is a 40% off £40 deal on their website!

NikiBabe Mon 23-Oct-17 20:30:35

Collection is cheaper and there are loads of deals

SugarMiceInTheRain Mon 23-Oct-17 20:30:56

I know, they are massively overpriced. If we ever get them (rare) we go on Two for One day (Tuesday) and collect . Ridiculous prices. But there are frequently offers on the leaflets that come through the door.

KoolKoala07 Mon 23-Oct-17 20:30:57

If you collect it's buy one get one free.

Bellabelinda Mon 23-Oct-17 20:31:21

Yes, agree look for a code, also it might be worth contacting your local branch to see if they can offer any deal if you're spending £££

Minidoghugs Mon 23-Oct-17 20:31:41

I know! When you think how little it must cost to make a pizza too. They do have quite a few deals which gets the price down a bit but it's still expensive.

Scabbersley Mon 23-Oct-17 20:32:18

Even buy one get one free it will be 70 on pizza! Fuck that!

We live very rurally, I'll have to collect anyway. No leaflets ever through our door!

Floralnomad Mon 23-Oct-17 20:32:46

Look at the deal pages or get a code off the internet , nobody ever pays full price for dominos pizza .

BarbaraOcumbungles Mon 23-Oct-17 20:32:48

It's pretty shit pizza too. Haven't you got a local pizza place?

MrsEight Mon 23-Oct-17 20:32:58

We get 50% off on collection as OH in the forces (any of your party?).

Rarely get them though as they are a rip off.

cardibach Mon 23-Oct-17 20:33:12

I don’t think anyone pays full price for a Domino’s.

RJnomore1 Mon 23-Oct-17 20:33:29

How many you feeding??

BarbaraOcumbungles Mon 23-Oct-17 20:33:32

X post!

Maybe buy pizza bases and loads of toppings and they could make their own?

Clovertoast Mon 23-Oct-17 20:33:35

How many kids are coming though? Do you actually need 7 pizzas??

LemonShark Mon 23-Oct-17 20:34:13

Nobody pays full price. Plenty of offers on. 50% off over a certain price for example. 50% discount for certain groups. Only a total mug would actually hand over £20 for a pizza.

Florence16 Mon 23-Oct-17 20:35:07

50% discount if you collect and work for NHS too.

statetrooperstacey Mon 23-Oct-17 20:35:16

Dominos is like Alton towers, it's *expensive because no one ever pays full price. Just find the best discount deal you can on the web sight or vouchers from a menu leaflet thing.

confused123456 Mon 23-Oct-17 20:35:18

I love dominos, best takeaway pizza in my opinion. But I agree to look for codes or deals. The deal they've had on the past few weekends is good. Any pizza any size for £9.99, or 2 pizzas for £19.98. So you can get 2 pizzas, any type and any base for £20 basically. Bargin.

ClashCityRocker Mon 23-Oct-17 20:35:46

There usually buy one get one free for collection.

Happily, the phrase 241Pizza also gets you buy one get one free online.

How many are coming? And how old are they? I can only manage three slices max of a large pizza.

ClashCityRocker Mon 23-Oct-17 20:36:39


repetitionrepetition Mon 23-Oct-17 20:37:04

dominos is fucking mental, it’s cheese on toast you robbing bastards! but yes never pay full price... you need a code!!

CherryChasingDotMuncher Mon 23-Oct-17 20:37:18

YWBVU to pay full price for 7 pizzas. They have really good deals, we usually get one that comes with a big drink, large pizza and 2 sides for that! Also find a voucher code. And a large pizza is 10 slices, they can go half and half on a pizza and have 5 slices each

DailyMailReadersAreThick Mon 23-Oct-17 20:37:56

How many are you feeding?

A large pizza is HUGE.

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