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To go on a diet or whole30?

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grannysmiff Mon 23-Oct-17 17:52:00

Hey everyone I need some advice and in particular advice from women with a similar body shape to me would be good. Don't know if this is right place.

I'm very tall and slender but with all my excess weight concentrated on my tummy.

This isnt a humblebrag, the fact is my frame is "model like" - I have really long and skinny arms and legs and narrow shoulders, and I do have an hourglass thing going on but the weight is all gathered on my tummy.

Its hard to describe but its not even gathered on my waist as in around my sides - its gathered on the "front" of my torso, so basically excess fat from under bra strap to actual tummy.

From the front dressed i look trim but from profile my tummy bulges. Dont get me wrong its not monstrous at all, its just not in proportion to rest of me.

I think this makes me an apple shape (?) and i believe this tummy fat is subcutaneous fat which makes it worse than if it was on my hips or thighs etc. I have a high body fat %.

I've started working out but i know its mostly what you eat that affects your fat levels. But how can i lose the weight on my tummy without looking totally emaciated across the rest of me?

Ive been considering doing whole30 so its high protein and low fat and see of that does anything. My diet currently os i literally eat whatever i want, but very sporadic eating pattern - i might skip breakfast and have a really quick lunch on tje go for example, and then chow down on serious carb/cheese/cream fest for dinner. Snack whenever i want, drink a glass or 2 of wine every night. Clearly bad eating pattern.

Now you have the full picture: AIBU to diet or whole30 or would that just make me really skinny all over? I dont want to lose the little fat i have in other places (especially thighs). Anyone got any insight on whole30?

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