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Baby colic is going to give me a breakdown, aibu to give colief and dentinox together? Can anyone help me before i lose my mind.

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bottlesandcans Mon 23-Oct-17 17:39:44

Hi everyone.

My 5 week old is bottle fed and suffers from bad colic. I'm first time mum with a considerable mental health history and this is really starting to wear me down. We have changed milks as recommended by HV.

I have been using dentinox and have seen a little improvement. I add it directly to the bottle of premade formula at room temperature.

I have been recommended to use colief also.
My question is can I use both together? And would I just add them both to the milk?

Please help me

EditionMama Mon 23-Oct-17 18:03:14

I’m in the same boat re colic.
I don’t think you can mix the both together, but someone may be along to say otherwise though. It might be better to check with a pharmacy doctor if you have a late night pharmacy local?
I use dentinox drops with my 6 week old, and have found them a lot better than colief. We tend to use the powder formula, warmer than room temperature and it tends to help the wind come up. When we use the ready made liquid formula, at room temperature (when I’m not able to warm it up) I find baby struggles to get the wind up. Wind seems to be the main reason for my little ones colic issues. Maybe try the milk warmer whilst you await finding out about mixing the both together. Also you can buy formula that is designed for baby’s with colic, I believe it’s called comfort (I used it with my first).
Colic is awful for us currently at night, even though we do nothing different. Sometimes I think it’s just a wait it out thing unfortunately. I hope it improves for you both very soon flowers

Raver84 Mon 23-Oct-17 18:07:51

I can't help you with the medicine advise but just to say do you have anyone that would hold your baby for a couple of hours in the evening to give you a break from the crying?

QuestionableMouse Mon 23-Oct-17 18:09:28

Has anyone mentioned cmpa to you? My nephew was like this and he has cmpa. He became a totally different baby when he started prescription milk.

Dippydippydora Mon 23-Oct-17 18:17:20

We used baby probiotics and dr browns bottles and they made such a difference

NurseP Mon 23-Oct-17 18:20:02

I used gripe water and dentinox for my colicky baby ( now 2). it definitely helped. Added both to bottle. I really feel for you, it was so tiring and stressful! I would happily help anyone with an unsettled baby!! Am so grateful that baby 2 is not colicky too.
Have you thought about baby massage? It was suggested to me although a little too late! X X

putdownyourphone Mon 23-Oct-17 18:23:18

Nannycare goats formula and chamomilla tablets (can buy both on Amazon) saved us completely. My girl used to scream for hours and the chamomilla in particular stopped her in her tracks.

ButtMuncher Mon 23-Oct-17 18:25:37

Some great advice already OP - I have nothing further to add but from another first time mum with MH difficulties - please seek any kind of help you can post natally. I had a great peri/post natal MH nurse who really helped in my dark days. It's okay to get help and nobody will take your little baby from you. flowers

Cornettoninja Mon 23-Oct-17 18:25:54

I was crap at the newborn stage so can't offer much but please stick a pair of earphones in and your favourite music on full blast. This really helped me remain calm(er) when dd was in full banshee mode and I had no chance of getting another pair of arms any time soon.

It does get better I promise you. It's tough when you're in the place where it feels like this is it forever, but it honestly isn't flowers

EmmaJR1 Mon 23-Oct-17 18:28:09

Hmmm when my son had colic I was giving him comfort milk, Infocol AND Gripe water.... he is fine and his colic disappeared at 12 weeks or so. No mh issues here but it nearly did me in so I feel your pain!

MrTrebus Mon 23-Oct-17 18:31:06

Infacol infacol infacol and gripe water.

Whatsername17 Mon 23-Oct-17 18:33:15

I am a colic expert. Dd1 had it and cried 7am -7pm every day. It was exhausting and horrible. Colief reduces the lactose in the milk and needs to be added to the milk 4 hours before. You need to make up your feeds for the day and store them in the back of the fridge. It takes a few days for the lactose to be flushed out of the baby's system, but after 4/5 days you will see a difference. Don't give up on it if it doesn't work straight away. Dentinox contains a ingredient that makes them burp. It isn't absorbed by the body. I believe it is safe to use alongside colief and I know we did. Other things that helped me: a sling. Dd1s colic was so bad that dh would make me a packed lunch so I could eat. I couldn't put her down or she screamed. The sling helped. I let her sleep on me. She slept, I rested. She's six now and sleeps in her own bed a d doesn't get up until 9am on a weekend. Hand the baby over to your oh and go out for an hour. I'd drive to Costa. Saved my sanity. Know that it will end. I promise it will. It will get better so quickly. You've got so much joy to come. Hang in there flowers

Whatsername17 Mon 23-Oct-17 18:38:30

With the colief, use powdered milk. Make up your feeds for the day in the morning (In the evening make up the night feeds and first morning feed). The current guidelines are to make a fresh bottle every time but you can't with colief. Store them in the fridge until you need them, them warm in a jug of water. Don't listen to people who parrot the current guidelines for making feeds. It is perfectly safe and the only way the colief will work.

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