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Christian leaflets through doors

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Iloveanimals Mon 23-Oct-17 16:34:27

Yes or no?

Personally I don't think they do any harm but I know others think otherwise.
Is it OK for someone to push a leaflet through your door with a brief Gospel message, with an email address for support and prayer if you want it?
Pushy or caring?

TheCatsMother99 Mon 23-Oct-17 16:35:55

Leaflets through doors don't bother me. It's any religion knocking that I find intrusive as I find they quite often don't take no for an answer and you basically have to shut the door on them.

DesignedForLife Mon 23-Oct-17 16:36:19

No more annoying that 100 thousand leaflets from Pizza Hut, dominos and all the local takeaways

Nikephorus Mon 23-Oct-17 16:37:14

No worse than the leaflets for pizza, takeaway menus or the ones pretending they have someone in your area cleaning gutters & do you want yours doing.They all end up in the same place. I doubt I'd even notice.

MissConductUS Mon 23-Oct-17 16:37:32

It wouldn't bother me, but I'm a churchgoer. It's not like they're trying to solicit money from you. People who don't want to read them can just put them in the paper recycling.

Iloveanimals Mon 23-Oct-17 16:37:35

I agree that knocking on doors is intrusive!!

PineappleScrunchie Mon 23-Oct-17 16:38:22

It's not very caring towards trees.

IcingSausage Mon 23-Oct-17 16:38:38

I’m very much an atheist but no, this doesn’t bother me (not beyond the fact that junk mail being a massive waste of paper bothers me generally!), I can just chuck it straight in the recycling.

Laiste Mon 23-Oct-17 16:41:52

Junk mail is bloody annoying. So much of it. It just goes in the bin. So no, i don't want leaflets through the door.

Worse still if they knock. Which they do quite a bit round here.

MrsS15 Mon 23-Oct-17 16:42:00

I’m a Christian, I think leaflets are ok.. People can either use the email or get rid of the leaflet I guess. Much like with a lot of leaflets I get through the door about other things. I do however think door knocking can be quite pushy for people (I’ve neither leaflet dropped nor knocked on doors by the way 😂). I had to put a sign on the door (for both salesman and religious door knockers) as I was constantly getting knocks on the door! (Currently on mat leave). I think there were Jehovah’s witnesses knocking on two or three times a week which, whilst well intentioned, was seriously irritating with a newborn.

Wightintheghoulies Mon 23-Oct-17 16:42:16

Waste of paper. At least takeaway menus have more uses for them (especially if they have discounts). It's just another way of religion pushing its agenda, but since they're not going to stop anytime soon then off to the recycling it goes.

nameusername Mon 23-Oct-17 16:43:13

That's not too bad. I don't mind leaflets. I'm not keen during Christian week where the oldies come around and give you the donation envelope or the door to door Mormons. I kept getting approached in public asking me to join the Church especially the Evangelical ones who is known for asking(pressuring) members for donations/tith.

KadabrasSpoon Mon 23-Oct-17 16:43:24

I'm getting hand written notes and little books now. I really don't want to be rude to them but also would like them to go away!

TheNaze73 Mon 23-Oct-17 16:43:44

Total no no. If they can prove their fairy tales, I’ll read.

Banderwassnatched Mon 23-Oct-17 16:44:47

A bit annoying. I don't put my worldview on leaflets and stuff it through their doors.

Shoxfordian Mon 23-Oct-17 16:45:21

Yeah it's pushy and not appropriate

Easy enough to chuck in the bin though

FenellaMaxwellsPony Mon 23-Oct-17 16:45:36

All leaflets through doors annoy me but religious ones more so.

Ellendegeneres Mon 23-Oct-17 16:47:04

It goes through door to floor straight to recycling bin here. Doesn't offend me, but I must recycle on average 3leaflets per day (sometimes more, never less)- so when you round it up over 80 per month... that is an absolutely horrendous waste. Ok so changed my mind, offends me. But not religious leaflets, unasked for leaflets in general

Saucery Mon 23-Oct-17 16:48:45

There is usually an address on them. Post them back without a stamp and they will have to pay to collect.

sinceyouask Mon 23-Oct-17 16:58:55

Its intrusive and a waste of time and resources but better than knocking on the door and trying to engage me in conversation about it.

jay55 Mon 23-Oct-17 17:10:32

I think if it’s in conjunction with information about services/events at the church it’s fine. On its own it’s weird.

pointythings Mon 23-Oct-17 17:11:49

It's a waste of paper and environmentally unsound, but I'm not offended - they just go straight in the recycling. I don't mind door knockers either, if I'm not busy I'm happy to chat with them. I'm a hardcore feminist atheist who has read the Bible so it is often quite entertaining.

woodhill Mon 23-Oct-17 17:15:27

May really help someone who is lonely or needs support.
Just recycle them.

JacquesHammer Mon 23-Oct-17 17:16:44

Totally unacceptable. If I want fiction i'll go to the library and get it.

PolkaDottyRose Mon 23-Oct-17 17:20:21

I have put Christian leaflets through doors before. It was terrifying.

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