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To think the small print for Ipsos Mori surveys is a bit 1984?

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filou87 Mon 23-Oct-17 15:05:13

I was just about to sign up to take surveys with Mori, until I read the blurb below. To me this is not acceptable and not worth a £20 M&S gift card and £10 per month.

There are just 4 simple steps to get you started and start earning your rewards:

1. Complete this 15 min survey about who you are, technologies/services you use and to sign up.
2. Download our MediaCell+ app to your smartphone. This app will detect what you watch on TV, what radio you listen to, and the apps/websites used on your phone.
3. Carry your phone with you, keep it charged, ensure that the app is running at all times, and simply use your smartphone as you would normally!
4. Download our inCompass app to your other devices, such as PCs, tablets and laptops. This app will detect how you use your device, including how you use the internet.

Dorris83 Mon 23-Oct-17 19:36:26

Well it’s research is to it? They want to know how people really use their devices rather than relying on people reporting their own behaviour (which people tend to be incorrect about, either purposely or due to a lack of self awareness)

I don’t see a problem, it’s money for nothing. I’d check that your data is anonymised and hat you can leave at any time and then go for it personally

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