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Primary School Teacher Admits to Lying About Bullying - Should She Be Named???

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BMHQ2 Mon 23-Oct-17 03:46:32

My young son was being bullied repeatedly on a daily basis, including verbal threats from the bully that he was going to kill him, physical abuse including the bully placing his hands around his throat.

This was raised directly with his class teacher. I was assured that they were managing the situation and met with the class teacher daily after school to check on the day's progress and to obtain an update.

At the last meeting she assured me that my son was fine that day and stated there were no problems. My son returned to the classroom and I asked him how was today (class teacher was present). He said the bully kicked him in the peanuts, he was in pain, sent to the office and given a warm washer.

The teacher had blatantly lied, hiding an escalating bullying situation.

I called a meeting with the School's head teacher. The class teacher, agreed with the events above that I have described, thereby indirectly admitting to having lied about the incident. The head teacher was obviously not impressed with her admission. No injury incident note was recorded or sent to me by the school.

If this teacher was teaching your child would you want to know?

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Tugtupite Mon 23-Oct-17 03:56:33

Yes, of course I'd want to know. It sounds horrible. Your poor DS, I hope he's ok. What is the HT doing about the bullying now?

Notanumberuser Mon 23-Oct-17 03:58:31

Your disclaimer is useless.

It means nothing.

steff13 Mon 23-Oct-17 03:59:59

Yes, I'd want to know. And I don't think your disclaimer is legally binding.

Cavender Mon 23-Oct-17 04:04:38

I’m very sorry your son is going through a tough time.

The issue with the teacher is for the school to deal with.

To be brutally honest if your DS was in class with one of my children and you published this on Fb/spread it round the playground or whatever it is you were planning I’d dismiss it as playground gossip and give it no credence.

Disciplining teacher’s is the realm of the school and local authority, not the parents.

Take your complaints through the proper channels.

Raisinsaretoddlercrack Mon 23-Oct-17 04:05:59

Haha @ your disclaimer! This is a public forum.

You should follow the schools complaint procedure about the teacher. I don't think naming and shaming her will help your son particularly.

Mummyoflittledragon Mon 23-Oct-17 04:07:38

Yes I would want to know. That’s pretty obvious. So what does the school intend to do.

Your disclaimer is meaningless. You do not own this post and therefore have no right to decide what happens to it.

MarmaladeIsMyJam Mon 23-Oct-17 04:08:58

Howling at your disclaimer grin

Naming to who? The other parents? By what medium?

CardsforKittens Mon 23-Oct-17 04:10:41

I understand why you want to name and shame her. However, if you do so in this thread you might not like the consequences. I'd advise you to take it through the proper channels instead.

I hope your son feels better soon, and that the bullying is dealt with appropriately.

ilovesooty Mon 23-Oct-17 04:15:17

I do hope you are planning to take this through the proper channels. You can't simply name people on social media.

Bubblebubblepop Mon 23-Oct-17 04:17:48

No I wouldn't want to know. Things happen in schools everyday I don't need to know about. I'm another who would dismiss it as spiteful playground gossip

Mummyoflittledragon Mon 23-Oct-17 04:30:28

Oh coming back, I misread the would you want to know.

No, do not gossip about the teacher. Go through the official channels. The head is supporting you and that is enough.

JigglyTuff Mon 23-Oct-17 04:37:20

I’m sorry about your kid but if you think naming the teacher on here (or anywhere else) is going to help then you’re deluded

Charolais Mon 23-Oct-17 04:48:24

About the disclaimer; content on the internet usually is copyrighted. Whole threads from here are republished in places such as the Daily Mail probably because the owners of this site allow it. I suppose it is considered free advertising.

fatowl Mon 23-Oct-17 05:00:39

I agree with previous posters that your disclaimer is laughable and does not put you in very good light, which is a shame because you may get excellent advice and support here.

I'm sorry your DS is having such a bad time. I suggest you work with the school and HT for a positive outcome for DS and between you work out a way to keep him safe.
Don't start being vindictive about the teacher - it will make you look bad and will cause the school management to close ranks and protect their member of staff.

I assume you are talking about Primary as you talk about Class Teacher? Ask about their Safeguarding policy, esp in relation to bullying.

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Mon 23-Oct-17 05:18:44

I think you need to sort this out with the school and keep your anger and vitriol off the internet, tbh. You know, like a reasonable adult.

Someone made a mistake. And error in judgement. And a serious one at that. But it will be dealt with by the school. Or are you intending on ending her career over it?

honeysucklejasmine Mon 23-Oct-17 05:19:26

No, it's not your place to go naming and shaming. Follow the school complaints procedure

flumpybear Mon 23-Oct-17 05:21:25

I’d be really pissed off too with this teacher but agree it should go through the school and escalate if they don’t deal with it properly
Good luck I hope your son gets this hideous bully off his back

BoomBoomsCousin Mon 23-Oct-17 05:25:49

I think this is difficult. If it was a one-off, I wouldn't want to know. There's just no need and it puts unreasonable stress on the teacher. But if I had had a similar experience then I would want to know. And if it happened often, then I'd want to know so I could be more cautious if the teacher's reports on something did not line up with other indications of what may have happened. And, of course, you aren't necessarily going to be aware if there are other incidents unless you get to find out about each one.

MummyBtothree Mon 23-Oct-17 05:31:09

I too really feel for your boy and you knowing he's having a rough time at school. Take your complaint through the correct procedure which is usually the school governers who would deal with it. I completely agree that the teacher was in the wrong but taking matters into your own hands through anger (which we can empathise with) could land yourself in hot water and the teacher could turn things round on you. Please don't lower yourself to 'naming and shaming' on social media or otherwise...I don't think she deserves to have her career go tits up or be publicly shamed.

Reppin Mon 23-Oct-17 05:33:08

Has the teacher actually admitted to lying? Or has she simply acknowledged that your child has a different view of events? If she did not see the incident, then how is she lying? Who do you want to name the teacher to? And your disclaimer makes you sound quite twattish.

pigeondujour Mon 23-Oct-17 05:41:20

OP, did you post recently? The bit you've added to your post means nothing. You've agreed to MN's terms, and this is all public. If there's any possibility that a "mum threatens to name and shame teacher who LIED about bullying" headline might cause you great distress, I would reconsider this.

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Mon 23-Oct-17 05:50:01

I hope you're practising your Daily Mail Sad Face...

FizzyCherry Mon 23-Oct-17 05:54:01

I smell a rat with this post.

I think you’re a journalist fishing for something, but not a very experienced one because you’ve made some blatant schoolboy errors.

1) A disclaimer? WTAF? It’s Mumsnet, not the Man Booker Prize. I reckon that’s an automated signature attached to your messages.

2) You want to “name and shame” a teacher for not handling a situation very well? Even though you want to protect your own identity in your forthcoming witch hunt. That takes real balls, I must say.
Name and shame to who? Other parents? What if their kids have a different story to tell and it’s your kid doing the bullying? Does he get named and shamed as well?
And what do you expect the outcome to be?
You clearly haven’t spent any time in a classroom to think that you are being remotely reasonable. There could be any number of reasons the teacher said she didn’t see it.
Maybe, I dunno, she didn’t see it? She may have been, God forbid, focussing on another child instead of yours.
Maybe the bully is good at being discreet. Maybe your kid made it up because the other kid is always in trouble so who will be believed, him or the other boy?
You weren’t there, you can’t judge.

3) Who the f* caps up every word in a title on an online chat forum? Someone who is used to capping up titles. Which brings me back to you being a journalist looking for comments.

Post us the link when it’s up, so we can see how you’ve twisted everything said.

Pengggwn Mon 23-Oct-17 06:11:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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