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To ask for your small victories

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splendidisolation Sun 22-Oct-17 17:14:18

I have this small battered tin box with a really beautiful design etched into it, it lives on my coffee table. It's just a basic tin box but someone important gave it to me years ago.

My boyfriend was splitting the tobacco we'd bought between us into two, and put his clump in the box and got up to leave.

I knew obviously I would get it back when he came home later but I just didnt want it to leave my house. I didn't want it to potentially get lost and just - it's mine.

I have some issues with boundaries and people pleasing. But eventually I asked him to find a different container for the baccy because the box needed to stay with me.

He looked a bit bewildered and a little embarrassed like he'd done wrong and said of course, no problem.

I felt a twinge of discomfort but also a sense of a small victory - me 2 years ago would have just let him take it.

What small personal victory moments have you had? Interpret the phrase as you like 😊

missnevermind Sun 22-Oct-17 17:42:42

They moved the bus stop to ours a few years ago. The bus stop is now closer to my road but you have to walk back to the old bus stop and then further to the crossing, cross over, then repeat the walk down the other side of the road. To me on a bad pain day a 10 min uturn. It is also a very busy main road into the city centre.
Now, everytime I am able to get off the bus and run across the road I feel as though I have had a little victory.

Neverender Sun 22-Oct-17 17:44:02

When I had a boyfriend and my male friend text me and he went off on one...bye! That was literally the last time I saw him.

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