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To wish my ex husband would just piss off already?

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EyeRollChampion Sun 22-Oct-17 14:13:15

Seriously, I just can't get rid of the twat.

3 and a half years ago, we split. He moved out of our house and I remained there with my dcs.

3 or 4 weeks later, my 11 year old son saw him snogging the new neighbour across the road, outside her front door. Classy enough, but when word got out they were together, he lied and said we'd split up ages ago, despite the fact there were plenty of photos on fb proving otherwise. He then started playing the victim, accusing me of harassing his new girlfriend because I picked up my friend's child from school (the school is practically next to my house) where she had a ds (and adjacent to the juniors my kids attended). I was accused of following her to the shops (my local shop, I've lived here much longer than either of them) and trying to intimidate her. (He has always been an insatiable drama addict) He showed up at my then 8 yr old son's sports day a week later, to cheer on her kids. He then moved in across the road and they all walk past my house twice a day. He parks his car opposite my house, and when he reverses in I often look up to see his face feet away and jump out of my skin. IT IS SO WEIRD.

We are on the list to be rehoused and have been looking for a mutual exchange but it is taking a long time.

Now, he is always at one of the flats directly opposite my house. I walk out my front door and he is often just right in front of me. I thought maybe he'd made friends there but the other day I popped out the front for a vape and he was walking down the steps in his dressing gown, putting out the rubbish! (A miracle in itself as I've never seen him doing chores before grin).

So maybe he's living there. Oddly I've never seen the other occupants so don't know if he's done it again or it's a temporary arrangement. Anyway, I just can't get away from him, his missus and her kids always give me evils and we've both since had a child a year apart so lots of standing awkwardly outside the schools to look forward to... I've moved on, I'm engaged to a lovely man, we have a child together, I just want to forget about the whole ridiculous fiasco.

What do I do? I'm hiding in my own home ffs!


c3pu Sun 22-Oct-17 14:57:28

Sounds like the town isn't big enough for the both of you.

Trouble is he's as entitled to live in it as you are.

Dobopdidoo1 Sun 22-Oct-17 15:00:45

I feel for you OP. I’m in a similar situation with not only one but two exes living not 5 mins away. All you do is keep your dignity, say a quick “hi” if you bump into each other and keep walking.

EyeRollChampion Sun 22-Oct-17 16:42:29

The town? Yeah. My street? Bit much.

I want to move past this but I don't ever feel relaxed with him here. I can't let my guard down. He's always right there, even when I'm sat in my front room, and honestly, the sight of his sneering face ruins my day. The kids have to see him all the time too and it makes them feel awkward. My daughter hates him for the way he treated her when we were together and she gets really upset.

The fact is, he didn't have to immediately shack up with the woman across the road after we split. He hasn't found himself in this little cul de sac for reasons beyond his control.

I know I can't get rid of him and really there's nothing I can do except wait for a move. I've tried saying hi and being friendly but was met with a 'fuck off'.

Bit of a pointless thread, really.

God, where's the gin?

AtrociousCircumstance Sun 22-Oct-17 16:45:20

He sounds like a prize twat. What a douche.

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