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To think there is some hope..

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Lifeisntbad Sun 22-Oct-17 08:33:26

I've been reading Grayson Perry's Descent of Man recently. A really good read. Amongst other things he talks about the inherent violence risk taking and competitiveness among men and how it leads to all kinds of mainly bad outcomes.
Anyway I'm wondering if compared to my youth young men today are actually a bit less like this.
By way of illustration I was recently training around Germany with 19 year old DD. We were passing through Cologne station when a huge group of young men, part of or supporting some sports team or other, perhaps on tour got on the same carriage. Prejudiced I know but my heart sank and I immediately thought about moving and I could sense other passengers shifting uneasily. But they were completely unobtrusive, very quiet, well behaved. I actually felt guilty for thinking badly of them. They were from Ireland I think to judge by the accents.
Am also wondering if the alleged decline in alcohol use among the young could herald better general social behaviour. I realse this is all based on one incident but I have heard others remark the same.

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