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Feel pissed at other half?

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HashtagTired Sun 22-Oct-17 03:22:05

I kinda think I am but I’m tired and I need to vent it. Tell me IABU and then I’ll get back in my box.

Yes I’m tired. 7week old ds slept 4 hours between feeds downstairs with dh whilst I got some (very much needed) sleep upstairs. Dh brings up ds at midnight for another feed and dh goes to sleep in spare room (because that just means we all get some sleep and I don’t wake dh during the many night feeds).

Ds goes back to 2 hourly feeds after midnight. I get 25 minutes shut eye. I’m tired, grumpy and tired and grumpy.

Then dh is like ‘oh, why don’t you go to the gym Sunday morning, I’ll look after the children for a couple of hours’. Great husband. Love him and all but where the hell does he think I have the energy to do that? I want to go. I probably will and kill myself doing it.

Ok ok. I’m just jealous that ds sleeps 4 f**ing hours when it’s dh’s shift but 1-2 hours with me. Ffs.


nevereverever83 Sun 22-Oct-17 10:40:45

why don't you ask him to take the kids out for the morning/take charge of them quietly downstairs so you can just sleep?

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