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Should I say something or AIBU?

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user1508575432 Sat 21-Oct-17 09:54:46

I've just looked out to our back garden and noticed that the back fence is pushed in and badly buckled on one panel and the next panel to it is sloping in out of line as well. At the house that shares that fence (behind our house) new fencing has been put in and it's this that's caused the problem.

It just looks a mess. The thing is, our fence is an old fence and probably needs replacing anyway. However, we were perfectly happy with it and it WAS straight.

It's just so noticeable that the back fence now looks a mess.

Should I say something? And if so, what exactly should I ask them to do?

If our fence was newer I'd be more confident about it. We're not perfectionists with our garden but it is neat and tidy and now the first thing you see out of the window is this.

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