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Help getting over abusive partner

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user1483964745 Fri 20-Oct-17 23:31:41

I have posted about this man previously so sorry for repeated postings on this.

My ex completely broke me as a person. His behaviour I only just realise now as being abusive. He lied to me, threatened me with cheating, bruised my arms, he made me feel ashamed of mental illnesses, he openly told me he loved his ex. Consrantly snapping at me for no reason. Comments on my appearance (slim, small, light hair) being at odds with his type (voluptuous, dark hair). Telling me throughout he didn't want it.

A week ago he finished. But maintained contact. Texts and calls. Convinced me to spend my birthday with him. Today he said he didn't want to lead me on any more. I felt empowered enough to remove him from every thing block and delete number. Hoping I stay strong and away from him.

aibu to ask for some advice on how to recover and now to stay strong and not romanticize this man?

Thank you

Thesmallthings Sat 21-Oct-17 00:31:46

This is the first day of your life.

Write a list of all the crap he did when your feeling low.

Plan things to distract your self with and be kind

Have a pj day movies. Crap food sweets. Then plan things you want to do.

Redecorating or 're arrange your home. Dye or get a hair cut. This is the new. Empowered strong kick ass woman moving on and taking care of number one.

Fascinate Sat 21-Oct-17 00:39:17

So happy you feel strong enough to feel you can move on. Now go and find as much support as you can to get you through this. Go see your GP. Get help with getting over this from them if possible. Check for women's support groups with the receptionist while you are there. This certainly sounds like domestic violence, do you have evidence of the bruising, and could you face the police with this? Contact the police or citizens advice for the contact details for victims support.

Stay strong. You will get through this .

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