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To think respect at work is important

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spectacularvelvet Fri 20-Oct-17 22:46:50

Really quick summary - have worked somewhere for over 6 years on a succession of fixed term contracts. Have been promised at permanent contract for the last 2 years and this week was told it is not now a certainty.
This isn’t a performance issue, I have been briefly told it is due to possible future funding streams - however I know we have funding for at least another 3-4 years. I have a professional qualification to do this role which is quite specialised- I am also being expected to train and mentor new staff that have started recently. In context a member of staff with same qualifications and same role as me who started a year before me was given a permanent contract after her first year.
There have been a few issues over the years - many actually- of poor leadership and management by my line manager and her line manager. I’ve kept head down and just got on with job - tried to keep out of the politics -
Until last week - I was so upset and angry at what I perceive to be a lack of respect for my contribution to the team by the inability of the organisation to formalise my part within the team.
I have started the formal process of applying for my position to be permanent and I know I will have an answer in 21 days... but I’m feeling really uncomfortable about continuing to work somewhere that I feel undervalued and not respected.... AIBU to wonder if I can have a future here if I stay?

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