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7year old's birthday party

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poppyGlee Fri 20-Oct-17 14:07:19

DS' birthday is in the last week of September, which makes it a bit tricky to organize birthday parties. This year DH is sent overseas and not home on DS' 7 birthday. We celebrated before DH went away, had presents etc. the works, but DS is still looking at calendar counting down the days to his actual birthday. So I said he can have his friends (4 boys) around that day after school (Monday) and we will have cake etc. to make up for rather empty house that daddy was away. AIBU not to inform the other parents that it's a small birthday do rather than our usual play date?

I didn't tell the other parents, I only fixed the play date on the Friday before, after school in the playground, telling the parents it's a birthday would be quite short noticed.. I know I'd feel quite short noticed if I am only informed the weekend before, that would mean extra shopping trip on that weekend. the trouble is my son told his friends at school that Friday, unbeknown to me, so some mums text me over the weekend and asked if it's his birthday... I said no.. it's only play date.. I didn't know what possessed me to have lied.. the boys had a great time, one of the mums noticed the party signs at pick up, she actually picked up her son, popped to the shops and came back to ours to drop off the present, it was a lovely gesture and I am just awkward that I hate to trouble people.. now torch me..

slbhill42 Fri 20-Oct-17 14:22:33

I think you made a reasonable compromise.

When they asked you should have said yes it's his birthday but we've already had the party etc, Lying was a mistake, and let all the people who've never made a mistake torch you for that!

It was a lovely gesture, you're right. Can you just have a word with the mum and say thank you, maybe explain a bit? Then draw a line under it.

Is DS happy, that's the main thing?

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